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    Deposit - scotland 2009

    Hi there would appreciate any input.

    We had a tenant move in, in November 2009 (we're in Scotland) he paid £550 in deposit. He just now left the property after serving 30 days notice, he left in December 2014. He's called us out a few times about the boiler which we had fixed promptly, the toilet was blocked once - we sorted that. Anyway on checkout after she had all her things removed there was major damage caused by damp, we had it assessed and were told it was condensation damp, wall paper peeling off in the bedrooms and the bathroom ceiling is black with mold. He also broke the front door to a point where it cannot be opened, the whole door needs replacing and quotes so far are coming to £500. He never once told us about the mold problem or the door, we lived in the property 2 years before and we didn't have any mold problems and the door was fine. He has been using the backdoor to get into the property. The tenant continued to stay in the property and we never renewed the agreement.

    Anyway we have to get the flat professionally cleaned, wall papered in some parts, repainted and the door being replaced. This is going to cost us a lot more than the deposit he paid. anyway the deposit was not put into any scheme as I don't think it was the law back then.. I'm not sure, should we have? Agh. We have pictures of the property when he moved in and now that prove the difference which is way more than wear and tear. Anyway we are now receiving threatening messages on our phone.

    What should we do?

    Pay him in full promptly. & politely & pray he doesn't sue for 3xdeposit penalty.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You should really know the law and legislation that you need to adhere to if you're going to be a responsible landlord. Very poor on your behalf.

      I've just had a read of how it applies in Scotland. All deposits had to be in a scheme from 2013 regardless of when the tenancy started, the possible penalty instigated by the tenant is the depost and 3 X the deposit amount.
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