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  • Tenant putting off viewers

    Hello everyone,

    I have two letting agents, and one of them is managing a tenancy which ends in a few weeks. The house was immaculate at the start of the tenancy. The second agent has just taken a viewing at the same property and told me that his client was not interested, becuase it is dirty and poorly presented. This came as a shock to me as I have heard nothing about this from the managing agent since the start of the tenancy last December. I don't think they have done an inspection. Apparently there is little chance of getting a new tenant until after redecoration, replacement (eg carpets) and repair, once the tenants have moved out.

    What can I do if it is indeed true that the current tenants have made such a mess and as a result I experience a void period when they move out? Am I entitled to ask for a contribution from the existing tenant towards the losses incurred due to the void as well as for redecoration?

    I'm not sure what to say to the agents, both of whom should be looking for a new tenant.

    I'd appreciate any advice or comments as I've not been doing this for long.


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    if you are local to the property i would suggest you arrange to visit the house along with your LA to "assess whether anything needs doing before its re-let". Everyones thoughts on what is dirty, messy, untidy is very different and you should remember that everyone lives differently also.

    Providing you have an inventory signed by LA and tenant when the tenant moved into the property then you can assess any damages etc once the tenancy has ended and look to make deductions then. you may be surprised and find that the house is not as bad as you think once they have left.

    With regards to visits i would speak to your LA about this.


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