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    Rental website- volunteers needed

    Dear Landlords,

    Just wondering if one or 2 of you would be able to test our new rental website for the U.K. We are nearly finished with the development, but you guys might think that we have missed something. It would be easier for us to add it at this point.

    It's not an attempt to spam, I won't post any link.

    We are rolling the sites out in the U.K within a week or 2. The sites will be free for landlords to use, even in the future.

    We do believe we are different from all the other property sites in the country, but I guess they all say that.

    If you could pm me, I'll send you the site address.

    Thanks Graeme

    Good to see someone being honest and upfront with this sort of thing. There are a lot out there that will just pretend to have come across this 'wonder site' that they then want to share with us.

    I've sent you a PM


      Cheers for the pm Colin

      I've got 3 of your helpful members giving us a hand with it now, that is more than I hoped for.

      Thanks Guys.
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