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    Non responsive tenant


    Advice needed please.

    We have just bought a small portfolio of 3 properties, 2 of which had tenants already installed.

    The first tenant is great and has already been in touch and signed a new AST (I know we didn't need to have one, but decided it would be easier in the long run).

    The second tenant has not replied to any correspondence. No rent has been paid. When I contacted the last managing agent, they were unable to get her to sign an AST or collect rent.

    I waited at the front door of the property and eventually the door was answered by her 'druggy' looking son. I left my number and contact details and told him that she must contact me within 7 days. No contact was made.

    I am now thinking of going down the possession route, however, I cannot prove (or know) when she moved in to the property and also I have no paperwork signed by her. HELP!! What can I do?

    Goto your solicitor who acted on your behalf on the purchase of the property and ask them why checks were not made as to where the AST was.


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