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  • theartfullodger
    Sounds like security services or Police: Or maybe delusional looney

    Unless you have other occupants permission to pass such info yes, she needs to ask them: They don;t have to disclose such info.

    As a landlord I would stay well clear ...

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  • dilbar
    started a topic Releasing personal details

    Releasing personal details

    A new tenant of HMO working in a job we are not supposed to know about needs personal details of the people she is living with for security clearance. I presume she needs to ask the others herself rather than me passing on the information. i.e.

    Full name
    Town of Birth
    Present & previous Nationality/citizenship

    Can someone advise please?

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  • Reply to Leak into downstairs flat, am I liable?
    by ash72
    Can you not claim it on the insurance? Is the downstairs flat the freeholder of your flat and vice versa?
    24-01-2021, 00:17 AM
  • Leak into downstairs flat, am I liable?
    by Mwatson365

    I rent out an upstairs flat, which was a 1930s built house which has been converted into two flats. The water waste for the kitchen/bathroom goes out through the wall to outside. The downstairs flat, which is owned by a housing association, has an extension built at the back of the...
    23-01-2021, 17:06 PM
  • Reply to Court review
    by hybrice
    Still enforce it. HCEOs aren't idiots and don't give up. If he has just signed the car over to his ex but still houses and uses it, they'll likely still seize it. Don't let him get away with anything, is my.opinion. But ask your solicitor....
    24-01-2021, 00:17 AM
  • Court review
    by OS7
    My possession claim is up for review today. I thought “ finally” . It was marked on review documentation to be at 12:00 05/11. I received no calls from anyone as yet. Could someone who has undergone review, please let me know if I have to make the call. I am worried that no one...
    05-11-2020, 15:15 PM
  • Reply to What happens when furlough ends?
    by ash72
    I think may people have adjusted and take up new roles as courier drivers, or delivery drivers especially if they have their own vehicles. Within the gig economy has helped a lot of people in these difficult times.
    24-01-2021, 00:12 AM
  • What happens when furlough ends?
    by JK0
    A worrying thought has occurred to me tonight. If furlough ends on 30th April, as I believe it's meant to, are we going to find loads more tenants unable to pay their rent?

    I know one of mine is a taxi driver, and I'm amazed he's managed to come up with the rent so far.

    23-01-2021, 19:40 PM
  • Reply to What happens when furlough ends?
    by alice123
    Taxi drivers are still quite busy , people going shopping, doctors appts, hospital, work. My village just looks the same as normal its as busy as ever and so are the roads, only the pubs /cafes and hairdressers are closed along with the gym . The ones who are working from home and those who are furloughed...
    23-01-2021, 23:59 PM
  • Reply to What happens when furlough ends?
    by Perce
    Your taxi driver will always pay the rent judging by the type of person he is so you should not worry. He will find work if furlough stops in the future. In my area no businesses went bankrupt.

    23-01-2021, 22:02 PM
  • Reply to What happens when furlough ends?
    by JK0
    Okay, but presumably this can't go on forever? At some point, businesses will have to acknowledge that they are bankrupt, and sack all their employees. They will then be on housing benefit, which is only about 75% of market rent....
    23-01-2021, 21:50 PM
  • Reply to What happens when furlough ends?
    by Perce
    It will be extended again under pressure.
    23-01-2021, 20:47 PM