Verge of Nervous Breakdown with British Gas!

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    Verge of Nervous Breakdown with British Gas!

    Hello, may be better if I start at the beginning!......I let out a property via a letting agents which didnt go exactly to plan - Tennant didnt pay rent for 6 months - finally got him out via courts and when I got access to my property I discovered over £16k's worth of damage to property! One of which was a stolen hot water tank! I contacted all the Utilities companies immediately - as I could gather who was suppliers to the property via the unopened mail! And informed them of the meter readings as of my date of possession back of the property. I was told that I had to set my name to the accounts as the property was empty and I was the owner to I duly thought ok, as I had given the meter readings and no comsuption of any electricity or gas would be used for a forseeable future! Since then, (which was the 4th Jan 2007), I have recieved threats of legal action, asked to pay my tennants Gas bill and after numerous telephone calls and letters to BG I have discovered that when I called on the 4th Jan a new account was not set up - the person just changed the name to mine on the outstanding account. They also did not update with the new meter reading as of the 4th Jan and continued with an estimation. The meter reading on the 4th Jan is the exact same today due to the renovations being carried out and safety aspects! I am at the end of my tether and very distressed. I am now being threatened with Legal Action and I would be grateful if anyone would be kind enough to advise me on what steps I can take to sort this - what is a very simple situation - but obviously is rocket science to British Gas out.....
    Many thanks

    I would take this up with the gas ombudsman. Mention to BG that you have now complained to the ombudsman as that usually attracts their attention.


      Hi, I spoke to BG this morning again!!! Confirmed that the bill gas been reversed but the system automatically sends out the threats and letters..... I should receive an amended bill stating '£O' due, within the next 5 days... however, I have put a letter together already as I have no faith in what they say! If I have to send this last letter it will be copied to 5 different managers/directors within BG, also Centrica, Energywatch and 3 TV consumer affairs programmes.
      Im hoping it will be sorted out.
      Thank you for your advice with my problem.


        No problem.

        You should also ask for some compensation as a gesture of goodwill as a result of all the inconvenience you have suffered.

        Good Luck.


          Think i'd be knocking on the door of the LA aswell.
          If you have your initial agreement with them that states they will inform utilities etc, maybe you have a case against them.
          Ambition is Critical

          I don't profess to be a knowledge in all areas, my advice is based on life experience.


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            Lauren 1234
            Hi all

            Apologies if this has been answered somewhere but u have looked everywhere and can' find an answer!!

            My current landlord is selling their property so I have put an app in for a new one. I have been renting on my own for three years and not caused any problems my credit...
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            Credit ref checks are only required for signatory Ts or Guarantor, but as LL I would credit ref anyone wishing to reside in my property. Explain to LL/LA in writng (dated) that you apply as sole T, but you wish your named partner/bf as permtted occupier. LL can reject your T applicaiion.
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            Thanks for all of the great answers guys.

            red hitman, I will send a letter first class recorded tomorrow stating that the rent is now a week over due.

            Boletus, I served the section 21 to get the house back so i could live in it, I gave them two months notice, 4 months into...
            22-01-2018, 00:49 AM
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          • Reply to Landlord/Tenant payment dispute
            So to cut the long story short;

            The accidental fire damaged/moved the oil level gauge, because of this the oil ran out and so the system needed bleeding/resetting.

            If the resultant damage was entirely casued by the fire, the cost of rectification should be covered by insurance....
            22-01-2018, 00:07 AM
          • Reply to Landlord/Tenant payment dispute
            This is a long story so can I try to summarise -- because it is not entirely clear what you are being asked to pay:

            Possible summary:

            The meter on the oil tank was bust. As a result of the bust meter, we ran the tank dry. Air got into the system as a result. I am being presented...
            21-01-2018, 23:30 PM
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            That seems poorly worded.

            The tenant can't agree to use the deposit for rent "in any way or at any time", that TA specifically states that he can't.

            That doesn't mean that you can't claim unpaid rent against the deposit, just that the tenant can't agree to it....
            21-01-2018, 23:23 PM
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            Than can refuse or not for whatever (legal) reason they like.

            CCJs are not binary things. As a landlord I would want the FULL details of what exactly the CCJ was about, with evidence.

            It is fairly hard to stop you from taking on a lodger, but if landlord feels hoodwinked they...
            21-01-2018, 23:20 PM
          • Reply to tenant hasn't paid last months rent
            Depends on why you served the section 21.

            Are they in breach of the tenancy agreement?

            If you are selling up, why didn't you give a lot more amicable notice?

            If you just woke up one morning and decided to serve it on a whim I would be very interested....
            21-01-2018, 20:18 PM