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    How long should I wait?

    I asked a tenant to leave 5 months into a tenancy after she moved her BF in without my consent and they were making a lot of drunken noise.

    On moving out she did everything to avoid meeting with me. On inspection I found there is damage of nearly £500 to wall panels, a puncture through a shower enclosure + burn and poorly disguised dings to walls and doors. Inventory in place.

    1 week on tenant is still hedging on meeting even though I have threatened to call her father who supported her in gaining the tenancy (he was not a guarantor) and she has told me he is on holiday - a likely story.

    Today she says she cannot open my file of damage on her smart phone and is asking for more quotes. I don't intend getting more as I always use the same tradesmen. She has only moved 3 miles away and has a car

    Deposit of £700 is with DPS - PI issued and receipted.

    What strategy to take with this girl who has an answer for everything?

    Thanks for reading and all thoughts welcome.

    Freedom at the point of zero............

    Leave it to the DPS. I had an answer, or a solution to everything when my old LL told me that there was damage with a solution that I disputed. In that scenario it was me who was trying to initiate contact and communication to resolve it ourselves. He ignored all contact until the work had been carried out, other than trying to claim the amount from me via the DPS which I continually rejected.

    DPS Resolution service got involved at my request - I sent them my evidence and story a couple of weeks later they made the decision. No arguments, and no need for comm's between me and LL. I paid more than I wanted, but less than LL insisted the repairs were.

    Sounds like this one is stringing you along. I think the DPS is there to let you avoid this hassle and provide evidence in black and white (and colour photos!) - £700 deposit sounds more than enough to cover the damages, and you seem to me to be the person to have watertight inventory, check in/out info and evidence. Use it and wash your hands with her would be my suggestion.


      File of damage can be plain text, surely? Anyone can open that. Excuse out of the window. Seems she can read it if she says she wants further quotes. Surely the option would be to say "that is the quote I'll provide, if you want different then you provide an alternative quote for rectifying the damage"?

      Why do you need to meet with her?

      Call the father if you think it is a threat she doesn't want you to follow-up on... but why you would if he's not a Guarantor, not sure. She's obviously an adult.

      Leave it to the DPS if you feel your case is sound. It will all come out in the wash...


        Thanks vandamme for the tenants point of view and it looks as if that is the way forwards.

        Hippo - yes she is an adult but 'flighty' and not willing to listen. Father did supply the deposit on his credit card - I'll take a guess she has a big spending habit - on herself.

        The paintwork/panels does not photo too well being all brilliant white and I have tried with all sorts of cameras so it may be hard to get this over to the DPS.

        Father is now to view Monday so suppose that is not too bad.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Think I'd send her an LBA for the damage costs.. today..., copy Dad when he comes round.. see..

          (yes, it's for consumer stuff but you get the idea,..)
          Might prompt some action.

          Don't like cheats & crooks, whoever they be: Sympathy Interlaken!
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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