Our landlord wants to sell! please help!

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    Our landlord wants to sell! please help!

    Myself and my partner have been tenants since 2008. No tenancy agreement was signed and no deposit was taken as she is my boyfriends mother! Also she requested that we pay the rent by cash and not by standing order so it hasn't been recorded and she hasn't provided us with receipts!

    There has been a family despuite and now she wants us to decide by Christmas whether we want to buy the house or she will put it on the market!

    My questions are:
    Can she do that verbally or does she need to issue a section 21?
    Can she put the house on the market before issuing a section 21 or does this need to be done first?
    There was no tenancy agreement put in place so what date can she put for us to be out by?
    Have we got any rights as tenants?

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

    From now on please (PLEASE PLEASE!!) only pay rent if given a signed receipt or, preferably, give her a cheque (copy it first) or pay in front of a witness..

    I think we can be confident someone hasn;t been declaring all or some of their rental income & perhaps not telling DWP all regarding benefits payments & other income (call be cynical..). Blackmail is such an unpleasnt word...

    To evict she would need to issue s21 or s8:Trickier without written agreement but possible.

    You have good rights: He selling the place does not end your tenancy nor require you to leave: The new owner (unless you are legally evicted - courts, bailiffs) simply becomes your new landlord, same terms...

    An s21 (which must be in writing) does not end tenancy nor require you to leave: It merely permits landlord to start court action on expiry. Verbal notice has no legal standing.

    See here for good advice

    Was a deposit paid? Is there a gas safety certificate?? Any repair issues?

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      No s2 reqd. LL can sell house and Ts, if they remain, get new owner as LL on same verbal contract terms, though I would not buy property with sitting Ts and such a loose arrenagement
      I guess LL (g/f mother) will say you are not Ts, but living rent-free and contributing to upkeep of property. Does she live in same building?
      Only a Judge can decide if you are currently Ts.

      Please complete 'Important Info required from new posters' in FAQ section and post here.


        Agree with first post....... Clearly avoding any HMRC "issues", she would not want you highlighting any of your arrangement which puts you in a good position of negotiation !


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