Unusual situation; immediate landlord using drugs. Is lodger/subtenant accountable?

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    Unusual situation; immediate landlord using drugs. Is lodger/subtenant accountable?

    First of all my apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    I am in need of advice. Let me start off by saying that In my line of work I can't afford to get a criminal record etc. It would end my career!.

    My understanding of Uk law (and please correct me if I'm mistaken) is that if you are in a shared tendency agreement and you house mates are using illegal drugs then you can be liable or held responsible for drugs on the premises. And subsequently arrested for possession? Particularly if they are found in communal areas.

    What if however you are a loddger/subtenant (I live with my immediate landlord and they have permission from the [head?] landlord to sublet) and your immediate landlord is the one doing illegal drugs? Have only recently moved in and found out they are using drugs on the weekends. Or at least inviting people over who are doing drugs with them - not sure who is providing the drugs or whether there are any kept in the house?. Legal can the lodger be held partially responsible? Does the lodger have any grounds to break the lodgers agreement?

    Could I be arested for "possession" if drugs are discovered in the house?

    Quite worried about this any advice would be welcome. Moving out is an option but I'm in London and it took over 2 months to find this room. Given my work and work load, I couldn't be couch surfing again for that length of time.

    Any criminal activity should be reported: End of. To Police - or Crimestoppers if you want anonymity
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I agree with Artful. I'd also be looking for another room even if it might take a long time.

      If it's any consolation there are tests that can show if you've taken drugs in the recent past - they do it all the time on Jeremy Kyle! This won't prove that you haven't been dealing drugs but would be in your favour should things get that bad.


        No drugs in your room or on your person and you should be fine. Police aren't bothered about whether you have taken them, just if you have them - unless you are driving of course - (possession and dealing are the illegal bits). I would move out asap though - you just don't need the hassle and there is always the possibility that an over-zealous policeman will arrest everyone and then sort it out later (arrest then on your record). Proving you haven't taken them won't help even if it were done (it isn't, in my experience) as it does not prove you are not dealing - most dealers don't partake! A lot depends on what drugs we are talking - a few people smoking cannabis is unlikely to lead to a drugs raid - harder drugs may well do so, especially if there is any chance of supplying them from the address.
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          I can't imagine that the police will be all that interested in a little weekend recreational drug use in London unless people are dealing from the property or engaging in other criminal activity. It's not the kind of thing I'd personally report to the police unless it was causing / part of another problem.

          I'd explain to them, without being accusatory or threatening, that it's not your thing and it makes you feel uncomfortable and that you'd prefer to move out as soon as you can find somewhere new. I'd have thought they'd be happy to cooperate with you.
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            What drugs are you talking about?
            Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


              Brixtonia - I think that's a good idea.


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