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    Originally posted by Brixtonia View Post
    A month before the end of the tenancy I send a check list of commonly missed items (cleaning under furniture, lightbulbs, descaling taps and shower screens, properly cleaning the oven, etc..) and provide an estimate of what might typically be charged if these items are not completed.
    That's an interesting idea. Is it possible to post your check list?


      Originally posted by JK0 View Post
      That's an interesting idea. Is it possible to post your check list?
      It's a little random I'm afraid but it is based on things I commonly find left needing to be done before a new tenancy. I should point out that I have never added a management fee (not sure it would be upheld if challenged) but I prefer to suggest one so that they don't think it would be easier to leave it to me.

      Damage caused by normal wear and tear for the period of your occupation is acceptable but please note that other damage, breakages and/or cleaning will result in deductions from your deposit. All repairs and cleaning, if required, are carried out by contract tradespeople and charged on to you at cost plus a 15% management fee. Some examples for rough guidance only include:

      Full oven clean £ (+VAT)
      Contract cleaner (minimum charge) £ (+VAT)
      Contract cleaner (full end of tenancy clean) from £ (+VAT)
      General handyman repairs £ callout; then £/half hour (+VAT)
      Lightbulbs £ to replace any number of bulbs + cost of bulbs
      Removal of personal belongings or rubbish from £

      As you can see, items like these can quickly add up. In order to avoid unnecessary charges do not forget to clean less obvious things such as:

      Defrost and clean freezer
      Clean windows
      Dust and wipe skirtings
      Degrease kitchen extractor
      Dust blinds
      Dust and wipe architraves
      Clean washing machine incl. detergent drawer
      Dust window frames and behind doors
      Completely remove all limescale and watermarks from taps, sink, basin, WC, bath & shower screen.
      Clean dishwasher filter and seals.
      Run a cycle with a Dishwasher Cleaner.
      Thoroughly clean above, under and inside all kitchen units and
      Drawers and all other furniture.
      Clean outside areas including decking and/or paving, ballustrading and rainwater gullies.

      The cleaning standard is to match that recorded in your incoming condition check. If this is not met additional cleaning may be required. If you would prefer to avoid any uncertainty (and cleaning hassle) I would be happy to provide a quote for a professional end of tenancy clean.
      Needs adding to but every time I think "next time"!
      Assume I know nothing.


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