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    thanks guys for your replies, always a valuable resource.

    As far as I am aware, the tenant has vacated (there are 2 tenants, one left some months ago due to their relationship ending, but he continued to pay the rent (eventually!)), but just hasn't been in touch re keys. I have texted her through her family, (a long tedious story about my mobile breaking on holiday), including today, but no response. The estate agent also keeps trying to contact them to no avail.

    Mariner, what does SCC mean please?

    If they continue to ignore my attempts to contact, and as I do not have a forwarding address, just a care of as I know where her parents live, will I need to go down the eviction route even though they are non resident there? What a pain, especially as they were in rent arrears and I allowed them to enter a payment plan (now paid in full) to enable them to get a council property and I allowed the council the flexibility of the few extra days from the 27th to the end of the month.

    As an aside, before this occurred, I called the council before my holiday to ask about council tax on an empty for sale property. There is no reduction now for empty properties, but the person I spoke to said that as there will be equity that they would hold off persuing the amount until the house is sold. I was surprised by this as you know how keen they are normally that it is paid.

    I think it may be prudent to write to the council to keep them informed of the situation.

    Thanks again.


      there must be a psychic link through this forum. The tenant's mum has just text me the t's number.... oo er


        so I have texted the tenant directly, and still no response. I am sure that she has no idea that the tenancy is still 'live'. Just to add, I did issue a S21 at the correct time.


          Just to update, I have finally managed to speak to the tenant today, and they have promised to return the keys this afternoon. Shockingly, they have arranged with the other tenant (ex boyfriend), for him to clean the carpets throughout the house!

          Still, didn't mention to them about the month's rent til I have the keys ;-)


            update of the saga

            Morning all; I hope that you are all well.

            Our tenant promised me on the phone on Saturday to return the keys to the estate agent. I asked her 'have you moved out now?', the answer was yes. I asked for the keys to be returned to the estate agent. She said she would return one and keep one for her ex-bf (other tenant) to carpet clean.
            I told her that I must have the keys back as she has now moved out and I need them back. I asked her to leave all other keys eg garage and back door on the kitchen side.

            I said no to this, and told her to get him to call me re access for cleaning.
            I called the estate agent yesterday morning to ask if the keys were back, and they were not. They asked me for a viewing at 6 for a potential buyer.

            I had arranged a man with a van for a couple of things including collecting the dishwasher and dining room table and chairs from the house.
            As I had asked her if she has moved out, I am sure I have right to enter the property, and the estate agent agreed. So, up there we went, and oh my god. Living room still had about 10 bin bags (didn't touch them to see what was in them). Pen and crayon on radiators, and walls. Very dirty bath etc, grass outside quite long (about a foot!), and 'best' of all cat **** on 2 carpets. Trodden in. Dining room carpet also had lots of kids paint on it too. The kid is 2 years old.

            I rang her immediately, and asked her what was going on, and she said that I should ring her ex to arrange carpet cleaning! I think it is beyond that, so will be onto the insurance later. I know I can't dispose of her stuff, but it was tempting to put it on the drive. The other keys were missing (garage etc), and she said her mum has them for 'safekeeping'!

            What a disgrace, I have messaged her and her mum (as tenant keeps saying her mobile is faulty...) to tell them that I want all of her property out of the house and keys back to the estate agent by close of business today.

            We got the dishwasher, which looked like it hadn't been cleaned or even wiped over in the 12 months tenancy, and dining table (same), but couldn't get the chairs as they were locked in the garage apart from one which is rotting in the garden.

            Luckily, someone I know loves cleaning so they are going to quote tomorrow on that.
            Of course, I couldn't let a potential buyer see it like that, so that has to be re-arranged.

            How long do I have to keep her property safe for before I can trash it?

            Have a good day all :-)


              Did you get the tenants to sign a Deed of Surrender?
              Did you have an inventory as to the condition of the property before you let it?
              Technically tenant has not vacated so charge her rent until all her stuff is removed and the place is cleaned.

              Why were you collecting a dishwasher and dining set? Did you provide those?

              Why do you think the insurance should pay for the carpets?

              Was there a deposit?

              Freedom at the point of zero............


                Why start a new thread without all the background info.....

                Why txt & message rather than write, keep copies.

                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                  I think OP last few threads http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...dlordnorthants are about the same Tenant !
                  Thunderbirds are go


                    Hi guys, yes all my posts have been about the same tenant. Their 12 month tenancy came to an end on the 27th of Oct, so I served a s21 in august. I (naively as we were good friends with her parents), did not do an inventory. We did charge a deposit of £300, but allowed them to move in before it was paid as they told me they were waiting for it back of their previous landlord. I provided the dishwasher and dining set, also a washer/dryer and fridge/freezer.

                    I called the council last week, and they told me that the tenancy for the council flat she moved to started Monday last week, although she had the keys from the previous week.


                      All very interesting but your tenant still (IMHO..) has a tenancy on your investment, as her stuff is there...

                      Someone can have as many tenancies as they/landlords like/sign up to

                      Please, kindly, answer...
                      Did you get the tenants to sign a Deed of Surrender?

                      Why do you think the insurance should pay for the carpets?
                      Was deposit actually paid & if so was it protected within 30 days of payment?

                      Why txt & message rather than write, keep copies? (or at least write as well..)
                      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                        Several related threads have been merged.
                        I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


                          Thank you Moderator :-)

                          A deed of surrender was not signed.

                          I mistakenly thought the insurance would pay for the carpets, as I have had flooring replaced previously through them. This time, as it is business insurance (RBS), as it wasn't flood or a one off incident such as a decorator dropping a can of paint, I am not covered.

                          The reason that I texted them is that they moved, not leaving a forwarding address. Previously I had written to them when necessary eg S21.
                          I yesterday demanded for the property to be removed, and keys to be returned by close of business today. Miraculously, the keys have been returned to me by the estate agent. I spoke to the tenant today, and asked her why she left the house in such a state. She again said to contact the ex about carpet cleaning. Well lets hope its a good machine... I asked her why she hadn't cleaned the pen and crayons off the radiators and door frames etc, and she claimed that she had not seen it, or she would have cleaned it. I rang off then, before asking about the dirty bathrooms as I could feel the rage building, and I am a polite person and feared if I blew a gasket I wouldn't get the keys back, as she said that she was on the way to the agency as we spoke.

                          I spoke to the branch manager, and he says that as I didn't take photos before tenancy commencing I didn't have any chance of recouping the missing deposit.

                          At least I have the keys now; I am going up there tomorrow with a cleaner for a quote.

                          Cheers guys


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