Tenant causing me problems in getting property back on the market

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    You can issue as many Sec 8's as you like.
    You will not get possession.

    You have been going on about this serious situation for weeks now, and still not inspected the property.

    Serve a Sec 21, wait for it to expire, and get your property back.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Property thoroughly checked and everything in order apart from smoke smells, for what its worth I have reminded tenant of this clause not to smoke in writing. However they are now late with their rent, obviously a problem tenant I need shut of. I will issue a section 21 but can't do this until December this year which will be 2 months until their tenancy term runs out.

      Many Landlords and professionals are saying it will be nearly impossible to evict them on a section 8 and costly. I was hoping I can ride out the term , then evict on a section 21.

      So far they have breached their contract and I have evidence of them:, Smoking, Pets, and paying the rent late every month.

      What are your thoughts? Is it worth rocking the ship with a section 8?


        Originally posted by Matthew_1000 View Post
        What are your thoughts? Is it worth rocking the ship with a section 8?
        Think Titanic..
        To evict due to pets you need an absolute cast iron clause in the tenancy excluding them, probably evidence that they have caused massive damage and ate a postman. Smoking is an issue that can be rectified by redecoration (Hey, I don't necessarily agree but the Judges think that way). Rent is another matter but you admit to the rent being late, not unpaid. Hang on in for an S21 unless the rent issue escalates significantly to two months or more owing.
        I may be a housing professional but my views, thoughts, opinions, advice, criticisms or otherwise on this board are mine and are not representative of my company, colleagues, managers. I am here as an independent human being who simply wants to learn new stuff, share ideas and interact with like minded people.


          Originally posted by Matthew_1000 View Post

          What are your thoughts? Is it worth rocking the ship with a section 8?
          You have already wasted the police's time. Don't waste anymore of your own, and the courts.
          Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


            Originally posted by Matthew_1000 View Post
            The Police don't seem to be doing anything probably
            Maybe it's because the police have Bigger fish to fry !

            Originally posted by Matthew_1000 View Post
            Is it worth rocking the ship with a section 8?
            Listen to the advice your fellow LL's are giving you ....
            Thunderbirds are go


              Thanks Guys, Much appreciated.


                Tenant has now been arrested, although not at my address. The twist comes where he was also renting a Council House which he was receiving benefits for, they also found him growing canabis in the council house whilst he was living in my property, the cheek of it! So he will also be done for fraud too!

                I asked the police where I stand in evicting him from my property as he has now been bailed. The difficult thing is there is still no evidence of any wrong doing at my Property, so I will still have to ride the tenancy agreement out.


                  Sorry to hear that Matthew.

                  Don't we have a pathetic system where all the above can occur, and all you can do is kick him out at the end of his tenancy?

                  Could you bribe the guy to surrender your property? I wouldn't want him there now he has lost his other greenhouse. Won't he be stepping up production at your place?


                    Good to hear this cheating fraudulent welfare-stealing crook has been arrested. Hopefully he'll never be allowed social housing again. Me, I'd deport him (& yes, even assuming he was born here...). We don't want his sort in our fair country..

                    Best wishes with your efforts with him: I have to say in your shoes I'd do everything I could to ensure the little scroat suffered...
                    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                      My Cannabis growing Tenant is giving early notice because of Mould, thats good right?

                      I have been letting my flat for 7 months now. The story goes that I discovered my tenant had been growing cannabis plants although we never had enough hard evidence to evict them. I have been in contact with the police all along regarding this and the tenant has a criminal conviction against his name for growing cannabis at another property.

                      However I noticed on the first landlord inspection the flat was getting a little mouldy (as expected I guess), I had lived there myself before and the place does need to be aired a bit from time as it is small and mould spots because of condensation can appear if not kept on top of. I provided a good dehumidifier and informed him to air the place and keep on top of any mould/condensation spots with spray.

                      Anyway he has decided to end his 12 month agreement early (maybe a blessing in disguise) due to claims the mould is damaging their cloths, health and bedding, as mentioned I have lived there myself for years and never had these problems ( Obviously the fact the tenant never opened the windows, had bin liners on the windows and was growing cannabis plants has contributed to the mould).

                      Now of course I certainly won’t stand in their way and will let them leave early however I obviously need to protect myself from the tenant claiming against me. If anything I will need to claim from them.

                      I will do another inspection this week and talk to him about ending his agreement.

                      Any advise on ending this agreement and moving the tenant on successfully will be much appreciated.


                        This is one the the best summers on record so why is the house damp? That is the question you should be asking.

                        Freedom at the point of zero............


                          Exactly my point! Clearly it is the growing of cannabis, windows constantly closed with bin liners of them that has caused the excessive damp issue.

                          I will be glad to see the back of them however need to protect myself and take any damage from their bond.


                            What proof have YOU got that cannabis has been grown there? And I don't mean what the polis say about previous convictions - what actual proof.

                            Could be there is a long term rising damp or leaky pipe problem as you say there was damp when you lived there yourself.

                            Freedom at the point of zero............


                              Its an old victorian property, if windows are never opened and the growing of cannabis plants are present which we know 100%, however have 'no hard evidence', then this is the clear cause of the problem.


                                Sorry but this is all 'heresay' and no hard evidence. If tenant is going then be happy - could you not smell the weed - it is very noticeable.

                                What is tenant going to claim from you? Get him to sign a deed of surrender if he is still in the fixed period of tenancy and make sure you give him his deposit back - unless obvious damage.

                                Was there an inventory? If not you are wasting your time pursuing damages.

                                Freedom at the point of zero............


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