Tenant wanting to hand keys back early

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    Tenant wanting to hand keys back early

    My tenant has told me she wants to leave, I went to see her yesterday, she has moved out today and wants to give me the keys back during the week. I have not had a written notice from her yet but said she can give me it when I collect the keys. She seems to think she only has to pay until the middle of next month though I know she needs to pay until the end of the month as her rent is paid monthly on the 1st. I intend to do a bond dispute to get the rest as she has seen citizens advice who have given her duff info and will not listen to anything that does not suit her.

    I do not wish to accept the keys back as a tenancy surrender as I would rather have the money running into next month, as I understand a surrender if accepted allows them to skip away there and then.

    It would be useful to have them back to tidy the place up and redo the bathroom that she has not bothered to open the window on and caused to go mouldy, remove all the nails she has kindly knocked into the nice new plaster and get rid of the cigarette smell etc.

    She clearly wants rid of the keys ASAP which will be beneficial to me but I want the last bit of cash out of her more.

    Is there any way I can document or get her to sign something saying I accept the keys for safe keeping but expect the rent to be paid until the end of the correct notice period ?

    Same T as this thread? http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...988#post512988 - Keep it to the same thread if it is.
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