How long to serve N5?

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    How long to serve N5?

    I'm in the process of evicting an AST tenant. A N5 possession order (PO) has been submitted, the tenant objection date passed at the end of September and an application has been made to court. Can somebody tell what happens now and how long things normally take.

    I'm told it takes the courts take about 2 weeks to grant the PO, is that right?

    Once I have the PO, do I have to serve it or do the courts post it direct?

    How long do the tenants normally get to vacate?

    If they don't vacate do I have to arrange the bailiffs or do they go round anyway?

    How long does it normally take the bailiffs to go round and evict?

    If the bailiffs have to go round, do they tell me before they go, or do they just go as soon as they can?

    Length of time depends on your court - ring and ask.

    The courts post the order and it will give up to 42 days (in case of hardship) but as no defence could be 14-21 days to vacate.

    If they don't vacate you fill out another form for the court bailiff at cost of £110. You can ring and ask them how long their call will be. Because you have paid the bailiff will attend.

    You can also fast track this having paid another fee to the High Court Enforcer -- look at posts by Vicks on this site. This will be faster but not until the expiry of the time set by the courts on the N5b.

    Unless tenants are particularly vexatious they usually leave by expiry of the court set time.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      The courts were amazingly quick and the tenant has been asked to vacate by the end of October. The tenant is applying for social housing and the council have told them to stay put until the bailiffs turn up. If I apply for the bailiffs at the end of the month how long does it normally take for them to turn up?


        Talk to the council yourself.
        They may accept your completed application for the bailiffs (which still costs you money, obviously) as sufficient evidence to re-house your tenant.
        Which may save some time
        Different councils appear to have different policies on this.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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          You can ask for the rent to be paid in advance, but it has to be the rent, not an extra deposit.
          So you can't ask for six months payment and then demand a rent payment in month 2.

          Theoretically the five month's deposit paid in advance meets the definition of a tenancy deposit, but...
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          As noted, issuing section 8 undermines your argument that this is not an AST.

          I think this is test case material, but it seems to me that it violates the assumptions on the nature of lodgers, so this is more about whether or not the mother is an excluded landlord.
          28-03-2020, 10:46 AM
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          I would involve a solicitor, because you're making a bad situation worse.

          The other occupant is almost certainly a lodger, so the s8 notice isn't valid.
          If the other occupant is actually a tenant (which, thankfully, I don't think they are), your mother has committed a criminal offence...
          28-03-2020, 10:44 AM
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          It would probably need a court to decide this and you may have shot yourself in the foot with that s8 notice, which could be seen as an acknowledgement that they have a tenancy not a licence. However, if you are worried about your mothers mental health with this person in residence, I think I would...
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