ADR - agent evidence question

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    ADR - agent evidence question

    Hi everyone,

    We're currently going through ADR. We requested all of the evidence from the agent/landlord and received it today. The form was hand written.

    Whilst we are comfortable that we have a good defence to the claim, we noted that the evidence form has not been signed at the 'section 5' statement part. The part where they confirm that they have read, understood etc and that all statements are true and genuine.

    Ok, I may be thinking like a lawyer (I work for a law firm!) but does anyone know whether the fact it hasn't been signed means their declaration is somehow not admissible?!!

    We will of course still be sending in a defence but were curious :-)

    Probably a mistake, ommission or someone just won't take responsibility for the matter.

    I don't think it will affect the adjudication.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


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