Drug use in a letted property, advice please!

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    pm - I don't want to get into a protracted debate about the definition of 'knowingly', not least because I agree with you and thesaint that the chances of police/cps prosecuting anyway are close to zero. In the example I gave, where one of the tenants reports directly to the landlord that this is happening, then I happen to believe that would be enough to be 'knowingly'.

    And I also agree with you that the right thing to do as landlord in that situation is a quick call to police/crimestroppers, whether it qualifies as knowingly or not - better to cover your back.

    I don't think T2 has any claim against the landlord for any kind of misrepresentation or anything else. The actions are purely those of his co-tenant which may or may not have been present before they signed to live together for a fixed term.


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