How is referencing actually done?

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    How is referencing actually done?

    I see that 3rd party companies like Tenantverify, Homelet, etc. ask for previous addresses (up to 6 years), present LL, accountant or lawyer details, etc. Will they actually call up the accountant, present LL, etc. and ask for references? I guess they could do credit check via a credit checking company, but how do they verify the previous addresses?

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    but how do they verify the previous addresses?
    From the credit file and electoral roll. A person generally leaves a footprint where they live.
    "I'm afraid I didn't do enough background checks apart from checking her identity on Facebook" - ANON

    What I say is based on my own experience and research - Please don't take as gospel without first checking the gospel yourself.


      In my experience it depends on the landlord or letting agent.

      Sign up to Noddle - its free and gives you a pretty good idea of what the credit bureau hold on you. Financial institutions, if you approach them and they credit check you, will mine all of this data (and more you don't see), including the electoral roll data (which is a subset of the full bureau data) and use it in many and varied weird and wonderful ways to discern things about you, although all of them will look for the big black marks such as CCJ, bankruptcy etc.

      Someone doing a tenant check on you will likely look at those big black marks first, as they immediately highlight any dodgy previous financial shenanigans (that you may or may not have disclosed in your application), and some of them may look at your credit score (each bureau assigns you, the individual, a score). Now I know in the past I have had a pretty low score (for various reasons) yet sailed through the checks fine as I have never had a CCJ, bankruptcy etc. I've never been on the landlord/LA side so Im not sure exactly what they see, but a low score doesn't necessarily mean a rejection (in my experience).

      Bear in mind, these companies have to pay the credit bureau money to search you, and the more info they want, the more thay have to pay, so I would make an assumption they just ask for the headlines...

      I have had to provide references from work and previous landlords along side this, so perhaps they take everything into consideration. Each time it has been done via a phone call or email exchange with my boss and previous letting agent, and its pretty basic info they ask for (have they paid on time, is he in regular employment etc.)

      So in my experience I would say they are thorough enough to ensure you are who you say you are, and get an overview of your recent (last 6 years) financial status. If you do have anything bad (bankruptcy, CCJ etc) in the last 6 years, it would definitely pay to be up front and honest with them, as they WILL find out (if they check) and you should have the opportunity to give an explanation and any mitigating factors or explanation. It may mean you will need a guarantor, or to pay a few months up front as a sign of good faith, but having worked with Credit Bureau for the last few years, they do really know EVERYTHING

      Sorry for the epic response - hope it helps!


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