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    You may be aware from my other post that I am interested in purchasing property/s as a capital growth investment.

    This question relates to INSURANCE….

    Buildings insurance is a necessity

    Rent guarantee insurance presents as desirable, though I do consider that I will need to look into what this is actually offering and whether this is worth it.

    Legal expenses insurance, again appears desirable, and if you were ever in that situation, would be essential.

    However, thinking about possible scenario’s, can anybody inform me as to whether my buildings insurance would cover, providing my tenants with other accommodation in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, fire, or some other event that rendered the property as uninhabitable, if not, what insurance would be required.

    Kind Regards


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    Just do a google search for " block of flats insurance " if you own the entire building and then contact the brokers which you have chosen to give you a quote. If it is a leasehold flat, then the landlord of the building will normally insure.

    You need to give the re-instatement value for the building ( excluding land cost) and ask for 20% or 30% cover for "alternative accommodation" to be included. The insurance brokers will sort out your needs and may sell you more than you need.


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      I don't think the solicitor is chancing their arm or that the allegation is false.
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      What a load of rubbish this sparky is spinning to you!!

      A single battery operated smoke alarm on a single floor is absolutely fine.
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      To be fair, allowing DPS to send the email is even worse, as this doesnt help you prove that they received it.

      In fairness it doesnt sound like you did in fact give them the prescribed information...
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      Thanks Guys for your immediate response, i will write and will attach the confirmation email from the DPS to the solicitor.
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