Tenant wanted security for Scaffolding in place

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    Tenant wanted security for Scaffolding in place

    We had a scaffold erected outside of the property last week to paint the wall. We’ve just received a letter from the tenant saying that there is no alarm security is in place to protect intruder so if for any reason their property is burgled then we are responsible for the financial lost.

    Could you please let me know where I stand???


    I cant possibly believe this is true....any loss is their responsibility surely. Advise them to ensure they keep the property secure, windows closed etc. If the tenants have no insurance then that is their fault, not your responsibility I wouldnt have thought. Its like saying that if you hire a window cleaner, if a thief uses the ladder to steal something its your responsibility!
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      They are probably just worried that the scaffolding will make it easier for burglars to gain access to windows etc.

      Just because they've written you this letter, does not mean in law that they have somehow passed liability for losses to you.

      I would try to meet them halfway by making sure that all the windows have locks on, etc.



        Scaffold Alarms and Security Requirements

        Just seen your note in relation to scaffold alarms.

        Most insurance companies state in small print every effort must be taken to secure scaffolding and any errection of scaffolding should be reported back to your insurance company first. One way to maintain insurance cover is to install an approved scaffold security system, See Secure A Site UK aka scaffoldalarms.com.

        The small cost of the system could be paid for by tenants. Dont forget scaffold alarms are also good for health and safety concerns.


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