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  • protection from eviction/landlord harassment - help!

    I've posted before about the problems we are having with our landlady and her EA selling the house we rent. We have tried to comply with their requests and have offered two viewings slots a week (one at lunch, one after work). My boyfriend is away with work next week and I work long hours, so we asked that this slots begin after we return (as our insurance is invalid if we are not here and we have a lot of expensive equipment in the house).

    Today we received a hand-delivered letter from the EA saying LL has given them permission to access the property without our consent and without us being present, providing they give us 24 hours written notice.

    We have changed the locks, and not provided them with new keys, but I am genuinely concerned that they will attempt to force entry. I wont be here to stop this from happening.

    What should be our next step? The first appointment they are enforcing is for 2pm Tuesday next week.

    The LL has been so unreasonable that our letting agents are now dropping her. They have been very supportive of us and say they will continue to help us in any way possible, but that her behaviour is too aggressive to deal with.
    She has also been sending me text messages threatening to evict us, but has yet to serve us any official written notice of any sort.

    I am currently writing a letter to the EA explaining our rights and attaching a copy of our contract. if anyone has links to the official acts and documents we need to cite it would be really appreciated.

    sara x

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    go to

    this is from their site

    Your right to live in your accommodation undisturbed
    You have the right to live in your accommodation without being disturbed. You have control over your home so that your landlord and other people cannot freely enter whenever they want to. Your landlord cannot limit or otherwise interfere with your right to live in your home. If your landlord tries to do this s/he may be guilty of harassment, which is against the law.

    says it all really. good luck and stand by your guns.


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      Read Paul_f's post in the following link
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