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    Help with tenancy deposit dispute


    I am a tenant hoping to get some perspective on my deposit dispute with the landlord. We lived in the apartment for 26 months. At the end of the tenancy the inspection was carried out and the house has been left in an overall very good and tidy condition. Apart from a couple of minor deductions which are not disputed - the landlord wants to charge 200 pounds for a stain left on the wall which we were not even aware of and also 300 pounds for either water stain or stain from limescale remover use on the side of the bath which is negligible and no structural damage to tiles or the flooring. I will really appreciate if anyone can help me with -

    a. are these legitimate deductions
    b. if the deductions are valid then should they cost that much

    I really do appreciate the help. This is the first time I have had a dispute and I am not really sure what to make of these deductions.

    Thank you


    Such deductions are valid, subjest to condition recorded on move in inventory.Compensation level is anyone's guess.
    Best to raise a dispute for disputed amounts with DPS ADR scheme if deposit was protected or start SCC action for deposit return.
    Did you leave after serving valid NTQ or in response to LL s21?


      We left after serving valid NTQ and the deposit is protected. The stains have occurred during tenancy and an inspection was carried out both at the start and at the end so it is recorded as well. If you think it is a valid deduction then can we not raise a claim asking it to be classified as normal wear and tear? Do you think that it might be better if we ask for a more reasonable deduction rather than no deduction. Thank you for the help. Much appreciated.


        Noticeable stains are rarely FW&T but you are able to initiate DPS ADR foc and let them adjudicate LLs claim for each item, which could be reduced significantly. Let Adj decide if he believss stains are FW&T.


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