Bad tenant: a cautionary tale

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    Bad tenant: a cautionary tale

    Hi everyone,well I finally got back possession of my flat today which used to be my very nice home before I met my husband,then I decided to let it out .
    I've had a succession of bad tenants but the last one has had to be the worst.
    I foolishly did not check his references as he fetched his mother with him at the viewing who promised she would be keeping an eye on him.
    All went well at first,he was a model tenant who always paid his rent on time and kept the flat spotless.Then all of a sudden he started to get a little later with the rent until finally he stopped paying altogether.I sent various letters which were all ignored.
    I issued an S8 after 8 wks which he ignored so istigated possession claim,that took 6 wks to come to court,then he had another 2 wks to move out but didn't and I had to get a bailiff finally.
    I nearly cried today when I saw my flat,he has obviously done a moonlight flit leaving the place in the most terrible state.
    A foul odour came from the kitchen due to the defrosted food gone off in the fridge and freezer,the wallpaper is hanging off the wall in hall,beer cans all over my poor flat.
    Of course since I don't know where he has gone there is nothing I can do .
    I certainly won't be so trusting again.

    Lessons Learned

    You've learned a valuable lesson here and one you won't forget in a hurry - that people are not always what they appear and selecting tenants is the key to success in this business. If you read this it will probably really mean something to you now, and if you are open to suggestions you can take the right steps to get it right next time. If you've had a succession of bad tenants chances are you're doing something wrong.


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