Are Electric heaters good alternative to GCH

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    Are Electric heaters good alternative to GCH

    Do plug in electric radiators provide enough heat to replace heating from gch?, and are those allowed in tenanted property to replace heating from gch?

    My back boiler is leaking, have been advised that parts are no longer available and suggested that i go for new combi boiler which will cost few thousand pounds. Unfortunately i do have funds to replace boiler before this winter, with winter fast approaching i m really worried.

    Read few reviews and it seems some oil filled electric radiators provide good heat, thinking of supplying enough of these to my tenants so each room has at least one radiator, but not sure if they will provide adequate heat and if allowed at rented property.


    I'd say they are an alternative, not a good one though. I feel sorry for your tenants having to go through winter without CH. I wouldn't like to be the one distributing the electric radiators to them either. I wouldn't have much faith in my landlord if he told me he couldn't afford to provide proper heating throughout the coldest part of the year, yet still took my full rent off me each month. What's the difference in running cost with gas V plug in heaters?

    I used on in my childs bedroom to keep a temperature at night when the CH was off and it seemed to do the job.
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      Unless you have exceptional insulated walls and roofspace and double glazing electric heating is expensive and not efficient.

      You won't keep tenants this way.

      Get a loan and get the combi done. New boiler is about £2,500 fitted. British Gas often do deals where you can pay in installments. Check it out.

      Soon it will be illegal to rent out inadequately insulated and heated homes - so get on with it now.

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        Oil filled electric radiators will be very expensive for the tenants to run. If they are new heaters, running on recently checked circuits they should be safe, and if the heaters are sufficiently high wattage they should keep the place warm, providing the tenants are prepared to bear the cost of running them. Wouldn't have thought it worth installing night storage heaters, using cheap rate electricity overnight in these circumstances.

        You might as well get a decent gas boiler. If your tenants are on benefits, they may be able to get a new boiler on a government scheme, but it'll be a cheap one that fails frequently. You'd then have to pick up the tab for the repairs.

        Do you have tenants in situ? If they have taken on the place expecting to bear the cost of gas ch, they will feel really betrayed by your solution - which will probably treble or quadruple their heating costs.

        By the way, have you checked with the manufacturer of your back boiler? Parts may still be available, just firms like BG don't want you to know this.

        By the way, electric heaters are 100% efficient to run (NO heat is going up the chimney or out of the flue) but they are VERY expensive to run.


          Have looked at this as we can only get LPG here in one of our properties - looked at electric boiler etc. Finally come to the conclusion that new gas boiler, remove back boiler and fit log burner is the way to go - happy warm tenants with cheaper bills.
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