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    Quick question on a bit of a dilemma, My partner & I took out a 12 month contract last september on a property through an agency(the landlord lives in the property next door), we paid £1500 deposit + £850 advance rent plus the usual 'admin fees' of around £350, 4 weeks after moving in we paid our first months rent. We have a good relationship with the landlord and keep the property and grounds immaculate, last month my partner and I split and had to inform the landlord about the situation as neither of us could afford to rent the property on our own, the agency wrote to me asking when I thought we'd bee moving out, in informed them it would be the end of May, 4 months early of the contract period. I have to pay a months rent +VAT???, as a penalty (for their admin fees!!), but they are also saying I have to continue paying the rent until the property is re-let. Due to this fact they are skimping on the advertising, their website had 1 old picture of the property surrounded by building rubble and they are not advertising the property in the paper along with their normal rentals. After a letter of complaint they have updated their website with 4 new photos (which they originally had) but are not advertising in the paper. So much for good use of £1000 'admin fees'

    They are a well known agent and do not want any conflict, I have always been a considerate tenant in all the properties I have rented, but somehow feel I am being 'had over' here.
    Any views?


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    Tricky one, as you can't force the issue with them.

    Your best bet, and possibily cheaper option is to try and find a tenant for them! You do of course run the risk of them rejecting any tenant you find, but I can't see that you can do much else.

    Keep it friendly and try your best.

    Good luck.


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      You are bound to pay rent until the end of your contract or until such time as new tenants are installed, and you are liable for costs incurred in finding a new tenant. As far as I know a 'penalty fee' is not allowed. Also, the landlord or agents must make reasonable efforts to find a new tenant - clearly since you are liable for rent until the end of the contract there's no incentive at all for the agent to market the property hard.

      You may consider that reasonable efforts have not been, or are not being, made, which is a bit of a grey area, and you might ask how the £1000 has been spent.
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