Not much ad success. Opinions welcomed

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    Not much ad success. Opinions welcomed

    Hey. I am getting like 30 views a day from my add. Now my pictures are of high quality, good light, nicer quality rooms than others but no calls. Is my add a bit boring/too long/missing information?

    "The house consists of a large hallway leading on to a large shared lounge, kitchen and dining room. Along with 3 large double bedrooms and a single bedroom. There is also a shared bathroom. To the rear of the property is a large shared garden.

    All bedrooms are furnished with brand new furniture and carpet. A TV aerial port is installed in each bedroom and WIFI is included. All bedrooms have lockable doors.

    The brand new kitchen plays host to a dishwasher & sink, 2 fridge/freezers and a gas/electric cooker. A washing machine is also supplied.


    This is a clean and quiet non-smoker home (smoking outside allowed). No pets allowed.

    It is located in walking distance of UHNS, Staffs Uni and Newcastle town Centre. Also a short bus journey to Hanley City Centre.

    Deposit = 4 weeks rent."

    Have you got a link to your ad?

    Where are you placing your ad?


      Didn't want to post it straight off but as you've requested I hope it'll be ok.

      Letting Agent.

      I am looking into if my contract will allow me to get more than 1 agent on a finding service, if so, ill just go around anyone who will have me


        Very quick top of the head:

        Shower? Is it powerful?
        Gas and elec bills?
        What's in the garden? Rotary drier? Furniture?

        Sharers seem to like 'how I would describe my new place to my mates' not 'estate agent speak'
        Sharers want simple one bill and the rest is spend or save.
        They will only click through if the landing page grabs them.


          Searching on rightmove for a 4-bed property within 3 miles of your property's location gives 62 properties for rent or let-agreed: The first 50 (more than 80%!!) are from £375-£1,250/mo, all below your £1,281:84/month (I accept you have some bills included..)

          Perhaps a pricing issue??

          You didn't ask but...

          I'd not mix monthly (fixed term duration of 6 months) with weekly rent (do I assume you do weekly or 4-weekly rent??).

          You say deposit of 4-weeks (fine...). If tenancy says rent payable 4-weekly you'll appreciate that you can't use S8G8...

          IMHO rather dull photos, no external shots & no tumble-dryer, clunky old tele, not satellite: Those "double" rooms look like they may be below double-room overcrowding sizes.

          You don;t seem to say of you are happy with couples.. Is HMO licensing required?? Does it comply with all HMO regs, in particular fire?? - With 3 or more unrelated households it is a HMO, albeit maybe not requiring a licence..

          Advertising is weird: I have 3 houses in west Highlands of Scotland (odd area to let in..) & have never had problems renting, rents always slightly below market. Most recent advert (Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree etc etc..) almost no interest: We then go on holiday away for a week: Inundated with enquiries... Sometimes the lack of or rush of interest is probably just random, although "industry experts" will sell you a course explaining why not... -
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            Cost of electric may be a problem - is it on meters? Is there gas heating - now winter is not far away that is essential to attract renters. What insulation have you put in place?

            Large hallway! What room renter needs one of those?

            Freedom at the point of zero............


              If you are renting by the room, how do you propose to split or cover gas and electricity?


                These are great thank you! I think because I've read it so many times I am a bit blind to the rubbish bits. Will update it now.

                I have one person in for £75, if i were to reduce price is that fair/legal on the current occupier?


                  why not offer current tenant an incentive to get people they know to move in aswell? often its word of mouth that helps. I only have two properties and have offers accepted on two more, I have had lots of calls from 'friends' of tenants without advertising and regular calls from a housing adviser who knows I treat tenants fairly, to see if I have anything 'in the pipeline'


                    I did consider this. What do you think would be fair?

                    I have updated post to try and make it feel more informal


                      If you reduce prices of other rooms (it's perfectly legal) current one will be p**d off: Why not a) offer incentive & b) agree to reduce his rent to that of the others: He'll be so surprised he'll tell everyone what a wonderful landlord you are...
                      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                        Are you near Crewe and Alsager campuses? I'd put that in if you are.


                          Sorry to repeat myself but prepayment meter for gas and electricity when you have 4 people who don't know each other sharing is not a great idea.

                          Please check what your competition are doing here - renting a room is all about being one simple bill per month, not hassle trying to get Fred to top up when it's his turn......and then the lights go out.


                            I would also have a quick trip to Argos or IKEA and grab a set of bedding, table lamps, some cheap wall art plus odd items of my own (laptop, phone etc) then dress the rooms as if someone could live there and re-take the pics.

                            The pics will then say 'home' not 'cell'. Remember you have these pics forever and can reuse them every time you need to fill a void.

                            If you are trying to attract the young professional type, a flat screen TV (from one of the supermarkets) is a good idea too. Add some wine glasses and a vase of flowers and rephotograph the lounge!

                            Scrutinise your competition and then review your offering with a critical eye. Particularly look at those offering all inclusive or capped bills and what there room rates are.

                            Re location, add as much as you can....bus stop 2 mins away 10 mins to xxx; xx mins walk to Uni (whatever).

                            Remember the ad is to tell people what it's like to live there and therefore to make them want to. It's not like selling a house where people are investing, in this case they are spending and want the biggest bang for their expense.

                            Offering £50 to the existing tenant for referrals that lead to lets is a no brainer. Do you have A5 cards in the local shops? What about at the most local employers?


                              Just noticed you have said 'student'....

                              The student timetable is that most houses are sorted for year 2 and later students between Christmas and May. Then a second flurry happens for new students over the summer (the ones who leave everything to the last minute plus those who get a clearing place). This late, you are probably restricted to foreign students (as term has started). Is there a post grad population to target?

                              Is the one guy a student? If so, he must know others. Also, have you placed the property on the Uni websites and spoken to the accommodations officer (invite them round)? Does your area have a student accommodation accreditation package and have you met the needs?


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