Would you evict a lodger/tenant for any of these problems?

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    - Constant slamming of entrance doors and fridge door (although not at night)
    Is it slamming or is there nothing preventing them from slamming closed on there own. Some doors do this.

    - Getting small stains on the carpet, and generally not keeping room clean
    Small stains come from living. No one lives in a show home. Check your own home, you may be surprised./ Not keeping room clean. What does 'clean' mean?

    - Leaving hair clogging the bath/shower
    My hair falls out in bucket loads, it's like having a dog. I remove hair and do a drain unblocking treatment at least every two weeks. (£1 shop drain unblocker)

    - Coming back late at night e.g. 1am or leaving early in the morning and not being very quiet
    Again some people are just not that aware of others and don't realise how loud they are. This may not be intentional. A quite friendly word may help (non accusing of course)

    - Using many electrical appliances (if bills included in rent)
    What is many and what is normal in this technological age. Maybe you should increase your prices to reflect utility costs in a tech dominant world.

    Are any of these deal breakers - wouldn't think so as they are all justifiable or solvable and not necessarily intentional.


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