Tenancy Deposit scheme & reasonable delay in returning deposit

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    I gave notice of my intention to quit - I expect her to deduct the daily rate for the extra days.

    What you expect is not the legal position. Assuming your NTQ expired at end of a rent tenancy period, as it should, you did not vacate on the expiry date but 7 days into next tenancy period. She is entitled to 2x daily rate for overstay period as mesne profit. Tech if you only pay daily rent & she accepts, it could be argued a new TA was contracted, nullifying your earlier NTQ. (NTQs are not rescindable by T, but some LLs try to be helpful)l.
    Whether deposit was protected or not, she has approx 10 days to compile a move-out inspectiion, notify intended deductions or return deposit.

    If she returns full deposit and only charges daily rate for 7 day overstay, will you still sue for 1-3x compensation (which is at Judge's discretion anyway)?


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