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  • Legal Cost Claimed by Freeholder!

    I have a friend who lives overseas but is a long leaseholder for a London property.

    The managing agent has sent a letter of claim to him overseas. The letter of claim (with an account statement showing history of payments) wants him to pay back (1) the service charges and (2) the cost of the letter of claim.

    However, he tells me that he has only received this letter of claim and has never received any previous demand for service charges. Obviously, the managing agent says that demands have been sent out previously (i.e. as shown on their computer records) and even if they don't send demands out, the obligations are in the lease.

    He wants to pay (1) but not (2) (as he has never received a demand).

    1. Aren't the managing agent required to send out the demand even if the obligations to pay and when to pay it are stated in the lease?
    2. Is he required to pay this additional cost (2)?
    3. If the managing agent continues to ask for this additional costs and charges interest on this additional unpaid amount going forward, what can my friend do given he is overseas?

    Thanks guys!!!

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    Not protecting deposit correctly can deprive T of access to DPS & ADR.
    Providing T with DPS Cert. only is not LL providing full PI
    Many LLs cannot even serve a valid s21!

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    Ref both for the full rent. Is the G a house/property owner?
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    You might like to gift your new tenants some Kilrock mould cleaner which is magic in a bottle! Cheapest in the Pound shop or The Range but supermarkets sell it too. Works brilliantly on algae too. Garden pots, patios, headstones etc.
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    That's the exemption that allows sending data outside of the EEA, which is the issue discussed.

    No, because of that very exemption....
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    I'll leave it at that. I'm not going to get into one of JPK's interminable arguments.
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