Legal Cost Claimed by Freeholder!

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    Legal Cost Claimed by Freeholder!

    I have a friend who lives overseas but is a long leaseholder for a London property.

    The managing agent has sent a letter of claim to him overseas. The letter of claim (with an account statement showing history of payments) wants him to pay back (1) the service charges and (2) the cost of the letter of claim.

    However, he tells me that he has only received this letter of claim and has never received any previous demand for service charges. Obviously, the managing agent says that demands have been sent out previously (i.e. as shown on their computer records) and even if they don't send demands out, the obligations are in the lease.

    He wants to pay (1) but not (2) (as he has never received a demand).

    1. Aren't the managing agent required to send out the demand even if the obligations to pay and when to pay it are stated in the lease?
    2. Is he required to pay this additional cost (2)?
    3. If the managing agent continues to ask for this additional costs and charges interest on this additional unpaid amount going forward, what can my friend do given he is overseas?

    Thanks guys!!!

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  • Reply to Joint tenancy - end fixed term
    Ask the solicitor for their interpretation of section 5(5)(b) of the Housing Act 1988 regarding giving a notice to quit on the first day of the statutory periodic tenancy.
    19-01-2018, 22:54 PM
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    You have a good tenant and if it were me I'd be looking for ways to keep her rather than evict her. Might be worth having a chat and find out how much she can afford now and in the long-term. If she can afford it on her own once the debts are cleared possibly offer her a reduced rent for a year equivalent...
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  • Reply to Tenants not vacated at check-out
    If it were a notice to quit given during a periodic tenancy, as opposed to an agreement with the landlord during the fixed term, then tenancy has ended. Validity of a notice to quit does not depend on whether the tenant follow up and acting in accordance to it. A notice to quit is not a notice of intention....
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    But the notice wasn't valid because the tenant did not give up possession. The notice is an intention to end the tenancy but the tenant remains in possession so they did not end the tenancy. If it was the end of a fixed term that would be different....
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