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    Simple question

    Hi, I have a simple question

    I am a student in university. My tenancy is over end of Aug, so my landlord and me have talked about the re-contract of the house in end of June. I agreed the contract if he does not raise the rent bill and he did not raised without a writing agreement. But I realized that my budget is not enough to pay the rent for the next tenancy in first of Aug, so I asked the landlord "Can I move out to other houses to save my budget?". His answer is "no". I want to leave this house, in this case does the oral contract work? (it is Assured shorthold tenancy)

    As you posted after1st Aug I assume the new AST is in effect, and yes a verbal conttract is sufficient.
    Your best bet now is to find a replacement T acceptable to LL and other occupants.
    LL stuck to his part of bargain and did not increase your rent, this may not apply to replacement.
    At the very least you have agreed to a separate contract to supply/occupy if your current AST expires enf of Aug.
    Agreements are not like most women - they cannot be rejected on a whim, without consequencies.


      You say your tenancy ends at the end of August.

      I think you also said that in June, you agreed to a new tenancy to start immediately after the old one finished, but you realised recently that you wouldn't be able to honour your agreement.

      Am I correct in my thinking?
      Your "Simple question" is not so simple when English is not your first language.
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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