My upstairs neighbour cut power cable, who is liable for the cost?

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    My upstairs neighbour cut power cable, who is liable for the cost?

    Hi all, I'm a newbie landlord and own a ground floor flat. My tenant has already called me to say she has no power in the living room...So I took time off work and check wall switch/light fixture etc. Nothing. No power source found so I called my electrician at a cost of £55 call out and he found that my cable was actually cut by someone who lives above me

    So I called my upstairs neighbour and he said his electrician did the rewiring recently, and that he only cut wires underneath his floor on "his side" and that my cable shouldn't be on "his side". In his analysis, the floor is made up of:

    His Floor/void
    Concrete separating layer
    My Ceiling/void

    My neighbour said one of my wire has been drilled through the concrete separating layer and channeled along his floor. So my neighbour's electrician arrived and had a look and said "yes, I cut that wire", and then reconnected the cut wire so my tenant now have power. I then asked my neighbour to pay me £55 for my electrician ti come and take a look. neighbour said it is my responsibility that "my" cables are routed on "my side" so this wan't his fault, meaning he won't pay the £55 for my electrician to come out. In fact, he said I should pay the £55 AND the new/additional cost of HIS electrician to come out etc.


    1 - Does anyone know who should pay for the £55 it cost me to get an electrician to come out?

    2 - The electrician simply reconnected the cut wire using a connecting block, but my electrician said I should really have this fixed properly, meaning a whole new cable from the wall switch to the light fixture and never via a connecting block (as it is more prone to failure).

    I agree with the neighbour - you shouldn't have wiring running in his property.
    And the connecting block is a risk.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
      I agree with the neighbour - you shouldn't have wiring running in his property.
      +1 - if indeed there's a discrete dividing concrete layer as described. (I've lived in old properties though where under the floorboards it's not at all clear whose wires are whose...)

      Lucky the electrician didn't get a belt from cutting the live wire, after having switched off the power to the upstairs flat... I wonder if the OP would have been liable if he had?

      And the connecting block is a risk.
      Well, in a ideal world but I wouldn't be losing too much sleep over it, especially if the alternative is hacking a new channel out of the wall. There are plenty of junction boxes in my house!


        Thanks, I haven't done any electrical work on the flat and I bought the flat 11 years ago like it is so I didn't know how the cable was channeled etc.
        Do you know of any law that specifically states the boundary responsibility?

        So on a similar line, if I dug up garden and hit my neighbour's mains, it's not my problem?


          Contact your property insurers and let them sort out liability.
          Neighbour is resp for his electrician fee if he called him out.
          £55 storm in a teacup IMO


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