Agency requesting money for repairs after deposit return

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    Agency requesting money for repairs after deposit return

    I have just ended a four year tenancy . I received a request from the agent to withhold a small amount from the deposit for carpet cleaning in two rooms and repainting in one room which I was not thrilled with but agreed as wanted the balance owing returned to help cover moving expenses on my new place .. My deposit minus the repair money was returned to my account yesterday

    I have now received an email this morning from the letting agent saying that a wall cable box and the end of a wall ariel cable ( I assume they mean for TV) was removed from an upstairs room and could I please bring a cheque for over £100 addressed to the Landlady into their office as this is what has had to be paid by the landlady to repair this

    I have asked for picture confirmation from the inventory as I have no idea what cable they mean as I never had TV upstairs but can I legally be asked for additional money after already receiving a refund and paying out for what was agreed initially ?

    Thanks in advance


    If you are minded to refuse, I think you would be in a very strong position. The whole idea of the deposit protection stuff is so that there's a process both sides follow so that money can be released in appropriate portions to each side. That part of the process has been followed. Something was taken from your deposit (with your agreement, however unforthcoming) and you've had the balance returned to you. The Landlord or Agent can't then just start double-dipping and asking for more money... that boat has, unfortunately for them, sailed... and it sailed with their blessing.

    If the Landlord / Agent could ask you for further money after the balance of deposit has been repaid to you, then they could keep doing this forever. It's their job to do a proper check-out and compare things against a detailed Inventory done at the beginning of the tenancy. If they did not do that... well, it's tough tittie.

    I would, ever so politely, refuse. See what happens next...


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