Forgot to deduct rent after deposit was returned

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    It's been 3 days.. They made me go through hell through that tenancy and left me out of pocket by thousands.. I'm not going to just jump up and pay at their first request.
    I've asked for corrected invoices to be sent to my new address as well as the credit note which they've agreed to, reducing the final month by 2 days. Once I receive them I will pay what I can within a reasonable time limit.


      For what it's worth (and I'm a serial tenant with over 5 years experience of renting on ASTs in East London), IMHO I completely agree with what you are doing.

      You accept that you are liable for the correct amount from a legal point of view sense and are making sure that the landlord (or whoever it is acting on his/her behalf now) is made to work hard before he/she can receive the money owed. Except for one, none of the landlords I have dealt with would part with a pound (or authorise a non-minor repair) without making sure the tenant ran from pillar to post, called them 10s of times and generally 'worked hard' to get the landlord to fulfil his/her "legal obligations".

      Your landlord has clearly not fulfiled the conditions of the tenancy contract when you were living in the flat. So in my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong in making them working hard for the money. As long as your intention is to prolong the process and make it as bureaucratic as possible, go for it. I would do the same if I were in your shoes.



        Thanks for the support lol. glad to know someone is out there who understands my position.


          Who 'forced' you out in 6 weeks ?
          Sounds like some form of notice was given and you voluntarily vacated before due date. What Notice was provided, s21a or b?


            A little perspective please.

            You had a leak. That should have been fixed and you should not have accepted being fobbed off.
            How long were you living there?
            Did you contact the council's tenancy officer?

            You got locked out because someone working downstairs cut the power.
            That's hardly the landlord's fault.
            If it had been your own property you'd have had exactly the same problem.

            You had the rent due day changed.
            You should have simply declined - what could they do?

            Six months notice is weird, why did you agree to that, did you pay rent weekly?
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              contract was one year - notice was provided 6 weeks (could have been 8.. don't remember tbh) before 6 month break-clause. so overall we stayed there 6 months and 2 days - although we actually stayed there 6 months and zero days and we are being billed 6 months and 3 days.
              leak was constant every time it rained, it literally puddled into the living room and stayed there.. we took pictures and sent them each time; no response as no damage was done to our personal property.

              I would most definitely put the landlord at fault about access. Granted a sub-contractor cut the power, he reinstated it several days later, but the landlord did not bother fixing the main access which was blown because of the temporary power cut. Landlord owns the entire building, including the shop below - the access was out for over two weeks.

              Ok "hell" can be put into many contexts here, but realize the frustration when you cannot gain access and no one.. for literally weeks, would even answer our calls/emails.
              That was a big break down in trust and total loss of confidence..

              These were the salient points actually, there were many other issues which a too long to list.


                Just to complete this thread, if anyone is interested on how things eventually played out:

                - told managing agent that had lost all confidence and wanted to negotiate directly with landlord (acting landlord, i.e. asset mgr firm)
                - got hold of acting landlord, wrote a detailed letter, landlord had no idea and has apologized
                - landlord and receiver of the building has agreed to cut the final bill in half and to pay it over 3 months

                everyone is happy.. except the managing agent

                night all, thanks for your wisdom



                  Glad you are happy: Daft agent...
                  I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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