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    Agreements for rooms in shared house

    I have a couple of houses which I want to let out on a room by room basis. All the standard AST agreements seem to deal with whole properties to jointly and severally liable tenants.

    Does anyone know where I can find a good standard agreement for a room in a shared house and how can I best deal with the inevitable joint issues - like the common parts of the house and bills/council tax.



    Will this be a licensable HMO?

    I think you'll need one AST for every room.


      I don't think so, 4 people in one house, 3 in the other, so neither should be a licensable HMO.

      What clauses would need to go in each individual room AST to cover use/maintennance of shared facilities and payment of bills


        I think you need planning permission to let on a room by room basis, or you could get in trouble if the neighbours report you.
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