Trying to get out of fixed AST, feel unsafe in own home.

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    Trying to get out of fixed AST, feel unsafe in own home.

    Good afternoon,

    Me and 2 other friends rent a 3 bedroom house through a letting agency on a fixed 6 month AST which runs out in November. All our names are on the AST. Deposit is protected with DPS etc. One of us were assaulted by the next door neigbour, it's currently going through the police channels and may end up in court. We want to move out, we feel unsafe in our own home. It's all created a very, very negative atmosphere. We are very unhappy living there. We called the letting agency to tell them we want to move out on 1st of September, and we were basically told we would be responsible for paying the rent up until November, or if they rent the house out before hand and we pay £300 for some admin fees we can go early. Where do we stand with this? I appreciate that honouring the original agreement is important, but we didn't ask for this situation to happen. We sort of feel like we are being victimised here and being taken advantage of just because we want to move out early because we feel threatened living in our own home. I'd really appreciate some advice.




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        Although I empathise with your situation who is victimising you? The Landlord who you've got a contractual agreement with, the Letting agent who you've got a contractual agreement with or the next door neighbours? If it's not the 1st 2 then I fail to see how it's their problem. The landlord agreed to provide you with a home, do all the necessary things in exchange for money each month. He didn't stipulate that you wouldn't be thumped by the next door neighbour.

        I cancelled a car insurance half way through once, worked out I should get around £200 back. After the 'admin' fees and other fees I got £40 back. Really unfair in my eyes but I'd signed to say I accepted the policy and took it on the chin. Was I being victimised by the insurance company just because I got a company car?
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          How and why do you feel unsafe?

          You could find tenants willing to take over your lease and then argue that the £300 admin fee is an unfair penalty charge. If you cant do that, then you either tough it out for 3 months or pay up.

          Regarding the noise complaints, there are specified levels of noise to stop the whole 'he thinks its too loud, I think its fine argument.' From memory, noise complaints have to be above 90Db for at least 2 hrs, but a bit of searching might help you prove whether you or your neighbour is in the right.

          That said, this

          Originally posted by Navy_Nick View Post
          We agreed, and upon trying to get through his front door he suddenly turned around and became very nasty. Threatened to kill several of us, and started to push my friend. My friends natural instinct using self defense was to drop the guy with a hook.
          is not reasonable behaviour or self defence.


            Thanks for all the advice people you've been excellent.


              Some questions remain unanswered.


                If I were you I'd write to the Landlord (you should have his address) and explain what has gone on. I would tell him that because fo the neighbours' unreasonable behaviour you want to move out (but give no date) and will be looking for somewhere as soon as possible after the fixed term.

                Keep a log of dates and actions from the neighbours. Phone the police immediately if they start on you again, get an incident number. It might well be that the neighbours already have a long list of complaints against them from the previous tenants.

                You might ask the neighbours on the other side about the last tenants and your troublesome neighbours.

                You will have nothing but further trouble with these neighbours.

                edit: it might well be that the neighbours are also renting and you could complain to their LL or LA. Go on the Land Registry website - it's £3 to check who owns the property.



                  Thank you I will do that!


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