Landlord wishing to externally insulate property

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    Landlord wishing to externally insulate property

    Hi all,

    My 1st post and 1st property completion for BTL on Thurs 24th July.

    Has anyone got any experience as a landlord of advising prospective tenants that the tenancy is acceptable providing they accept a GOVT Backed Greendeal External Wall Insulation improvement to the property after they move in. There would be scaffolding and incovenience for a few weeks but ultimately £250 saving per annum on there fuel bills?

    Would it frighten off the few tenant viewings we have that wish to view this weekend?


    I had 3 houses done similarly: Bizarrely & amazingly the tenants all agreed - but they really don't have to - it's their home, their property, whilst they have a valid tenancy - even if they stop paying rent or your are in process of evicting them.

    So in your shoes I'd give tenant some incentive - eg £500 paid half up front & half when work done... to ensure they save YOU £££ and (probably..) but up the value of your investment.

    btw when mine were done the work was incompetently done, communication with occupants & me was terrible/non-existant and the promised timescales so much pipe-smoke.. Think it's gonna end up in court...

    Think if you lay down condition that they accept work being done prior to signing tenancy - then tenant changes their mind & tells workmen to "go forth & multiply" there ain't realistically much you can do about it but evict them and have the work done on a vacant property...

    Good luck!

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      When one of my properties was vacant, we camped out there while refurbishing it. We took advantage of every insulation deal we could for free while we were there.

      The result was a much warmer flat for the new tenants.
      I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


        Originally posted by mckinnna View Post
        Has anyone got any experience as a landlord of advising prospective tenants that the tenancy is acceptable providing they accept a GOVT Backed Greendeal External Wall Insulation improvement to the property after they move in.
        I haven't had experience of this, but I did contribute to a recent thread on this forum where a Landlord was experiencing angst because his Tenant wouldn't play ball with some kind of insulation deal he was trying to get for the property. Possibly unlike what you're talking about, in that case the Tenant seemed to need to get involved in some application angle, as well as suffering the inconvenience and - not too surprisingly - had decided to not assist.

        I think being upfront is always best but you will have to be prepared that, yes, it might put off some Tenants... I mean, a few weeks is quite a long time and it could go longer, it might cause some safety issues (children etc., I'm hypothesising) and would certainly have some impact on their quiet enjoyment. I think that incentive is the way to go here... it might help you understand how much you want it to happen as well. I'd get it all written down, though... and any sweetener you may might decide to offer should be a fixed amount regardless of what actually happens with the work.

        P.S. - theartfullodger suggested £500 and my gut tells me that sounds quite a lot.


          Green Deal improvements are not 'free', the cost is gradually recovered over x yrs by a levy on the electricity bill for property and your T may be preventedfrom changing elec supplier if preferred supllplier is not part of the green deal scheme.
          Even some Councils have had problems with external insulation contractors.
          Why do you want external cladding? just for the low cost (to you), increase in re-sale value.
          There are other tax breaks for solid wall insulation avail to LLs via HMRC, or there used to be.
          I am not enamoured of govt backed energy schmes, watm front contactors and eqpt was a joke!


            From my experience of external cladding (two suitable houses in an area where it has been widely carried out, although mine weren't) the result may be a considerable cosmetic improvement. The houses that had been done looked good, and obviously should be considerably better at retaining heat. From this point of view I would be in favour if I was a tenant, and would view the short-term inconvenience as worthwhile.

            However, if it is Green Deal does that not mean that the tenant would be paying for it? I would expect there to be an increase to utility bills which would roughly offset the saving resulting from reduced consumption. That would bother me more than the work being done.
            There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.



              The latest Green Deal Home Improvement fund is in fact a grant for a portion of the works, and not a loan to be repaid.

              Sounds great in principle, but upon my own investigation it seems that the 'certified green deal installers' are so expensive that it would still be cheaper to get works done using my own contractors and pay full price, than use this scheme and have to use them!


                I politely instructed my latest tenant of my intentions:-

                1 - New boiler
                2 - Loft insulation
                3 - Cavity wall insulation

                Each of which, given the circumstances 100% FREE via government grants at the time, but most certainly not associated with Green Deal

                I understand such grants(funds) are unavailable and the Green Deal is the only option for such a requirement

                In summary, NO PROBLEMS


                  My tenant had this done without informing me. I didn't want it doing. The hosue is timber framed front and back so they took the original cladding off and replaced it with insulation and then some kind of pebble dashed coating.

                  They got plaster or something like it, on the window and dooor frames which won't come off. The dining room window now won't open.

                  What's the first thing the next tenant did? Had hoels drilled through it for BB. Eventually it will be full of holes and patched up and will look a right mess.

                  The work is only guraanteed for 10 years after which time it's going to be very expensive to have any repairs done. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I'n not happy.


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