Tenant evicted- left LOTS of stuff behind, what can I legally do?

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    Tenant evicted- left LOTS of stuff behind, what can I legally do?

    I finally managed to get possession of a my property back last Monday and was served a possession order under section 8 notice and got arrears judgement etc. (thanks to the help of people on these forums, yay!) The judge granted immediate possession as the tenants had scarpered just before the court hearing anyway and they told this in an email to the court.

    Anyway, as they got out in a hurry, they have left a lot of stuff behind- the garage is full of it and the garden still has the children's play equipment etc. I changed the locks immediately after being granted possession and have agreed they can collect the rest of the stuff provided they arrange this beforehand. I gave them 7 days to do this as they have messed me around so much but they only got in touch with the estate agents managing the property on Saturday (6 days after being given these instructions!) saying they want to collect their stuff.

    Feeling very frustrated as I suspect I can't legally throw away what they've behind but I think they will play silly buggers with regards to collecting it. I need to get the property turned round and back to a fit state as soon as possible but think they are going to mess me around as per usual. I think most of it is probably just junk so it will all be skipped otherwise (at more cost to me of course...).

    Any advice on what my rights are as landlord (if any...) and how long I have to wait until I can legally clear it or tips on how to proceed much appreciated.


    This usually relaible site tells you the answer to your question...

    What does your tenancy agreement say about disposal of goods in such circumstances?? I can't read it from here..

    Personally I'd not allow ex-tenant back inside property, but hand stuff to them (take a "large" friend...).

    Take LOADS of photos, ideally with a witness, in case there are allegations of missing or damaged goods....

    It might be sensible to agree what can be chucked away with tenant - to save time - but get agreement in writing..
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Thanks very much! Very useful, their stuff is still there and no contact but a bit clearer about what to do now.




        Bag up what you can and get it outside if poss in a secure area - it will save time later.

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