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    I'm going to stick to my guns here and elaborate on my desire to evict you:

    I can think of three possible categories of reasons your landlord would be pissed with you.

    a) He is simply a nasty git. He doesn't recognise the superb job that you have done, that you have chosen an appropriate type of paint,
    that you are a skilled qualified professional painter and that your work is just great. He is entitled to be a git.

    b) Your job really isn't as great or as reversible as you have led us to believe -- in the opinion of anyone, or
    merely in the opinion of L. Reversibility of paintwork is not a trivial matter and is not down simply to the
    restoration of mere appearance. If you decide to paint my bathroom with some third rate emulsion - restoration is not simply by topping the paint with something appropriate to a bathroom -- your L will end up with a restoration problem down the line, long after your deposit is refunded. Likewise, if you paint my exterior woodwork with some old brown paint, and then restore it with a decent coat of Sadolin -- it might look just great, but L is going to face a massive job down the line -- complete wood stripping and perhaps even a rebuild as the thing rots away.

    c) Neither of the above -- but you have breached your agreement in a fundamental way. YOU signed an agreement that obliges you to respect the property in various ways and which obliges your L to respect you. YOU decided to do something that is not in accordance with that agreement. You could have telephoned the L to make a proposal -- but you did not. You could have accepted the Ls proposal that his professional painter do the job. But no -- you did what you liked. You did something that would make the L not trust you. If you agreed not to smoke indoors, but smoke regardless, that would be a similar breach of trust and contract -- the actual damage caused is a different matter entirely. If you agreed not to sublet, but you do anyway.... likewise.

    Why is this really any different from your employment contract. You contract to work from 9am to 5pm for which you get paid. You then just decide that you feel like working from 8am to 4pm. The fact that this might (in your opinion) be cost neutral to your employer is irrelevant. Don't be surprised when you get fired.

    Your landlord is running a business and is entitled to make decisions based on his own experience in the particular market. Your L might know that a T who is prepared to do what you have done is also prepared not to pay rent, or to omit the final rental payment, or to do countless other nasty things. You might not do those things -- but since this is not yet a fascist state, we are all entitled to assess the risk to ourselves however we choose. I suspect in some markets a tenant who is prepared to paint would be less likely to do other bad things. In other markets this is clearly not the case.

    You have an agreement -- and if you are not prepared to stick with an agreement you have willingly signed as a conscious and intelligent adult, why would you be surprised when you receive a bad reaction -- and a nervousness that you cannot be trusted not to do other things that will do something to L's property that he does not desire. Of course it is possible that your agreement says you are allowed to decorate (I doubt it), in which case no problem. But if it doesn't -- why whine.


      Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
      Reversibility of paintwork is not a trivial matter...
      That made me guffaw out loud.

      The whole issue is a trivial matter.

      A lot of thought went into this diatribe, so I only pointed-out the funniest bit... other bits were also hilarious. It was a great read.

      P.S. - and pretty well written too.


        Originally posted by Hippogriff View Post
        That made me guffaw out loud.

        P.S. - and pretty well written too.
        Glad you liked it. We need to up the entertainment value of the enterprise.


          Yeah, we can get a bit too serious on here sometimes.


            This article about the elderly Spanish woman who decided to restore an ancient prized fresco is apposite



              If I had a property painted red or any other bright colour, I would gladly buy the Magnolia paint for the tenant to repaint.
              Opinions given are mine, They are not necessarily correct, as the more I learn the less I know, You should always seek professional help.


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