Broken freezer and defrosted contents, who's liable?

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    Broken freezer and defrosted contents, who's liable?

    If a built-in freezer breaks down and the tenants contents defrost, who's liable to pay compensation for contents? If the insurance company for their contents insurance expect them to pay an excess fee, does the landlord pay this?

    It's their contents policy, that's what it's for. Any excess applied to it must have been agreed at the time they took out the policy. Not the landlord's problem.

    I do wonder what %age of tenants actually have a contents policy.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


      Indeed: They decided what excess to take (or could have found a different insurer with different excess...)... Unless that is the contents insurance was sold/recommended by the agent or landlord (after a back-hander??)
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        How much are we even talking aboutnhere? £20?
        What do people keep in their freezers that is so valuable they need to argue or call the insurance?

        The landlord can show goodwill if he wishes, but whether he is liable depends on whether he is at fault.


          Who owns the built-in freezer ?

          It certainly isn't the tenant.

          If it's built in it must be included in all fixtures and fittings.
          If fixtures and fittings break down, it's not up to the tenant to fix.

          It's your freezer and it broke.
          1) replace
          2) pay for damage, re spoilt foodstuff

          3) How everything is paid for is immaterial, could be the landlord, could be the tenant on their insurance, but it's the landlords freezer that broke and landlord should offer compensation.


            If Tenants (or, indeed, anyone) is storing stuff in a freezer that would require them to claim on their insurance in case of it defrosting, then they should also have a double redundant backup freezer, just for those occasions, however unlikely. The Landlord can be responsible for the freezer itself, but not its contents as the Landlord has no control over what the contents are, or might be... Birds Eye Fish Fingers or some interesting form of expensive and freezable caviar. If Tenant is so concerned about the contents... belt and braces are advised from the outset.

            But, sometimes... y'know... stuff just happens. It's not the fault of anyone... why is someone always perceived as responsible and someone always needs to receive compensation? What a culture.


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