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    Journo looking for successful landlord...

    Hello all, I'm writing a feature for At Home Magazine, the Sarah Beeny issue. I'm looking for a landlord who makes a living out of their portfolio - maybe someone who is thinking about/has given up their job and now is a full time landlord, or is on their way to retiring early thanks to their portfolio... You'd need to answer some questions by email or phone, plus I'd need a nice high res pic of you (can change your name if you're shy). There's no hidden agenda (it's not for the Daily Mail!), it will be a first person story about the pros and cons of being a private landlord and whether it can be a viable alternative to a full time job, to inform others who may be thinking of doing the same... Please get back to me if you think you can help, you can inbox me here or email me directly at Many thanks, Kia

    Try contacting this guy.

    He's got a whole website/blog on the subject.
    "I'm afraid I didn't do enough background checks apart from checking her identity on Facebook" - ANON

    What I say is based on my own experience and research - Please don't take as gospel without first checking the gospel yourself.


      Maybe in a year or two, hopefully


        I think that before anyone here volunteered they would need to be convinced of your bona fides. Too many of these pleas for information end up showing the landlord in a bad light. Most of us here are just ordinary landlords. have had the good luck, or good sense, to invest our money in property to provide for us a comfortable old age.

        Those of us that post on this forum are the good guys, (usually)

        We are interested in keeping up with the latest regulations and this is the best place to do that.

        Usually journalists, such as yourself are more interested in landlords that have to evict tenants that cannot or do not pay their rents, even when the rent is paid to them by the government to keep them in a home.

        If you are going to campaign for landlords to always be paid their rents, on time, then please tell us, OTOH if you're going to be yet another bleeding heart for the tenant that does not pay rent on time then tell us that as well.

        Because of government rules and regs there are fewer and fewer landlords willing to let to persons receiving LHA.
        I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


          I echo what jta has said.

          I also no longer let to DS. This is due to all the problems I've had in the past.

          I gave up work and became a full time LL. I'm a single mum and have brought up my children on my own.

          However, I don't want to give out all my info to all and sundry as I don't want everyone knowing my business. I'm getting sick of people thinking 'Oh she owns a hosue to rent therefore she must be rich therefore I don't need to pay all my rent she can give me an interest free loan.'


            An anonymous "journalist" with an abstract gmail user name.

            I'll send a high res photo and bio straight across.

            Why not tell us more, Ms Hansen?
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              More info from me

              Hi there - thanks for the replies. Sorry if i haven't posted enough information, I have never used a forum before! So please be gentle with me! From some of the responses it is obvious that there must be some very dodgy people who use forums who aren't what they say they are (although why anyone would pretend to be a journalist intrigues me!), so let me tell you a bit more... Also my email isn't 'abstract' - I provide copy for magazines and businesses and my name is kia, hence copybykia.... Kind of as literal as I could make it!

              If you would like to double check my credentials, please do. I have been a writer for 20 odd years and have my own website at - you can see samples of my work, and see that I have been writing for 20 years, mostly on lifestyle issues, bit of health, and travel. I am also on linkedin. I am sure the editor of At Home is happy to vouch for me also.

              The article I am writing is a for a lifestyle features based magazine, focusing on Sarah Beeny and property - you can see examples of back copies of the magazine at under the 'digital editions' heading. As you will see it is not a hard hitting expose type of magazine. The feature will be over two pages, focusing on one person's personal positive experience of being a landlord - ideally they wanted someone who enjoyed it so much they turned it into their main career/source of income. It will be their story, how they got into being a landlord, why they decided to get more properties, when did they realise it could be a career, are there any negatives, or things to watch out for, and what advice would they give to readers who were thinking of becoming private landlords. Then there will be a box out on expert advice - short quotes from Sarah Beeny and some others I have yet to source, and possibly a box out on 'super' landlords - a few lines about some people who have 1000s of properties.

              I am certainly not planning to write an article about 'nightmare' landlords, or the LHA situation - I have recently had a NIGHTMARE experience with a tenant who was renting my home - paid cash up front and then said she was LHA- she owed me 1000s in back rent, took me months to get the LHA to pay me directly... then transpired she was worked as a prostitute from the house, illegally sublet rooms, was regularly brought home by the police, trashed the place (hoarder next door style)... She then abandoned the property for months, while I visited every day to check what was going on/left letters/tried to contact her. I then took legal advice, served an abandonment notice, waited 28 days with still no contact or sign or her, then changed the locks. 3 days later I got sued for unlawful eviction and it cost me £14,000 - I since found out she has done this 4 times before. So I am VERY much on the side of the landlord, believe me!! Rather annoyingly, when I tried to pitch an article on this; how the law was biased towards the tenant, no one would commission it! Maybe I should try again though as it seems a lot of you would be able to provide quotes about this...

              I am also happy to talk to anyone on the phone if they want more information. Hope this helps, kia


                Hi there. Thanks for that.

                If you've not used forums before, you might think our responses are aggressive.
                Believe me, we're pussy cats.

                Sorry to hear about your awful experience.
                Sure you want to be positive about being a landlord?
                When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                  Thanks for your reply, and I totally understand you want to remain anonymous - that's the hardest part of these real life stores - finding case studies, specially when they want a picture - they really need to pay me more!!


                    I did get a bit scared - think I'm a bit sensitive for forums! To be honest I'd LOVE to write an article about nightmare tenants, and my own situation as it nearly ruined me, and I also wanted to try and prevent it happening to anyone else, but sadly no one seems to want to pay me to write that ... For this, they want a nice fluffy positive piece. I would like to include some warnings though, as I've discovered it's certainly not an easy way to make money, like some people think, specially if you're not experienced and are too nice and trusting...


                      The trouble is with these short, nice picture articles is that they tell the reader nothing of any value.

                      Why not read some of the posts on here of persons with real problems and write something more in depth.

                      Sarah Beeney - that would be enough to put me off!

                      Freedom at the point of zero............



                        If you could manage to slip in a comment about LHA tenants not paying their rent, even though it's been paid to them by their local authority and it's NOT classed as theft, that would be good.

                        On second thoughts though, maybe not, we don't want to give them ideas do we?

                        Sarah Beeney? Ugh.

                        You may want to look up 'The Wilsons', they are one of the biggest private landlords in the UK, reportedly with over a thousand properties (probably bought with leverage).

                        Recently they were reported as getting rid of all of their LHA tenants in their properties, I think it was about 200 tenancies involved.
                        I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


                          You might try looking at Landlord & Buy-to-Let Magazine or Residential Property Investor either for potential journo-friendly landlords or as possible sources for an article about your tenant from hell etc?

                          Both are hardcopy/online journals targeted mainly at residential landlords of the sort you are looking for.

                          Good luck


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