First time landlord- advice please about new tenant 'requests'

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    First time landlord- advice please about new tenant 'requests'

    Hello everyone

    Following recently being made redundant and I decided that the time was right to let my house out and take some time off to travel.

    Even though the house was not 'officially' available I let the estate agents show some people around in advance back in April. Three groups of people saw the property- all made offers for a furnished let (12 months) and I went with the offer for mid July and signed the contract about a month ago.

    For the past 6 weeks I have been improving the house hugely with new double glazing, with both external and some internal painting. The tenant was aware that I planned to make these improvements but in no way were they conditional on the house let. The tenant's daughter saw the house on two visits, both prior to the improvements and asked if I had an issue if they brought their dogs with them (initially 2 small dogs but they are now bringing a St Bernard!). I asked the estate agents a number of times if the daughter wanted to check the house beforehand and emailed her but only the mother came back to me and she is based in the US. Her only request was that they wanted to replace our mattresses.

    Fast forward to yesterday and they have now moved in. The daughter has already complained that the cupboards were not repainted and have 'scuff' marks on them which could not be removed and one day later have complained about the state of the couch and chair. They want to replace them at their own cost which I do not have a problem with but do not want my furniture to be thrown out. I can say that they were both well worn but the coach is also a fantastic sofa bed and the chair is in fact a very expensive massage chair that the cats unfortunately scratched.

    What normally happens in these circumstances? Surely they signed up for an as is furnished let and it's their responsibility to store them?

    thanks for any advice.

    In fact, it can be even simpler for you - you can clearly state that the property was agreed as-is (furnished) and they cannot even remove any of your items (let alone if they want to store them at their own cost). They can move them around the house, if they like, as long as when they move out everything is back where it was at the commencement of the agreement (assuming you have a good Inventory and Schedule of Condition with photographs?).

    Personally, I try to be more than reasonable with my Tenants and only the other day I was moving a heavy pub bench around because they did not want it in the garden. But you risk making a rod for your own back if you are too accommodating. Some Landlords will issue a flat "no" to any request to make alterations - that will include repainting etc..

    P.S. - I sold the bench for £40.

    P.P.S. - you could consider selling everything in the property and doing this unfurnished. I'm slowly coming around to the fact that this is a lot less hassle for Landlords (depending on the property, of course).


      Cheers Hippo

      I did get hold of the estate agents who confirmed the property was rented as is but suggested a couple of alternatives:

      1. They replace the couch/chair with their own alternatives and pay for storage of mine.
      2. They replace the couch/chair with mutually agreed alternatives that inherit at the end of the lease.

      I appreciate the comment about no allowing any changes but I don't want to start off that way (yet) and so I have offered them the choice. Of course I would want as similar alternatives as possible as both the sofa bed and massage have been used extensively.

      Will see how this plays out but i have the feeling they don't quite follow that this is a house and not a hotel! Next time unfurnished might be an option as in theory no worries!


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