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    Broken Toliet

    I've been renting out a property for a few years now, and have been very lucky to have never had any issues - until now. I'm looking for someone to advise on responsibilities.

    My tenant has contacted me to say the toilet is broken, it's not flushing. So whose financial responsibility is this? The toilet has been working for over 12 months since they moved in - and was a new toilet prior to them moving in (not covered by guarantee)

    Should I leave them to arrange a plumber and to pay for it or do I arrange the plumber and send them the bill or do I arrange the plumber and pay the bill?


    You need a new cistern kit, you pay.

    Iirc they cost no more than a tenner and take about 10 minutes to fit

    On the other hand, have you looked at it and checked it isn't just that the button/puller has not become detached?

    Seriously, if you live reasonably close to the property why think of a professional first when you may be able to sort it out yourself?
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


      From my experience, most certainly do not trust a tenants tradesman, arrange a plumber yourself to provide such a simple solution to a minor problem

      Just look at the matter realistically, tenant provides solution to this problem via his/her suggested plumber, then presents YOU with an invoice for a couple of hundred £££'s

      Seriously get any such or future problems resolved yourself, keep well clear of tenants tradesmen

      Just my view..


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