Filling in Section 21 & Form N5B

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    Filling in Section 21 & Form N5B

    I am new to the forum and have never had to complete these forms before. This is a longish post but someone with knowledge will whizz through it im sure but thanks in advance

    My tenants signed their last AST on 1st feb 2014 for 6 months which will expire on 31st july 2014. I am going to serve a section 21(4)a on my tenants at the end of the tenancy. This is where i get confused. I have the section 21 template from this site but i dont know what dates go where or what dates to even put in. Its says the following i have cut and pasted it:-

    after the expiry of this notice.

    Date of Expiry of this Notice:

    Signed (Landlord/Agent):


    Could some please help? I think it should read

    Date of Expiry of this Notice: 1st october 2014 as this date is 2 months after the end of tenancy agreement that being on 31st july 2013

    Where it just says

    Date: should i put 31st july as that is end of AST and date i intend to serve it?

    Now to form n5b which i am finding very difficult to complete so if my questions sound silly please bear with me. I know this a little premature but tenants are a nightmare and will not leave unless carried out!!

    P1 - top righthand corner i have put in my local court but do court complete claim number and fee account boxes?

    Defendant(s) i have husband and wife tenants do i put their names and address in one box or separate boxes as two are provided

    Bottom righthand corner do i put fee in or do court do that. I think its £280.

    Does court complete issue date?

    P2 my property is a self contained flat within a victorian house should i tick "a dwelling house"

    Q2 i presume i fill in date of first tenancy agreement signed and last tenancy agreement signed?

    Q3 do i delete everything after (or)

    Q5 i presume that date should be 31st july presuming i have got my dates correct above which is the date i intend to serve the section 21 notice

    Q7 i did not take a deposit so i presume none of that question i answer

    Q8 i no this will sound really silly but there appears not to be any box to tick so shall i just write next to question "yes"

    Sorry if this is a long post but it seems quite a strict process and dont want to get anything wrong!

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