Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Breach

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    Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Breach

    I have a tenant in the flat above my shop where the previously agreed short hold tenancy gave permission to have two dogs. They have without permission introduced an additional dog into the flat and have advised that although this may be in breach of the agreement they have no intention in removing the additional dog.

    Can I serve the tenant notice for breach of the short hold tenancy on the matter of the additional dog?

    Just serve a section 21 notice. It leads to a mandatory eviction. There is no need to argue in court about numbers of dogs.


      Do keep the evidence of the extra dog to back up any deductions to the deposit, though.


        In answer to your question, you could serve notice for breach of the agreement, but I'd be amazed if a court would support your claim on something relatively minor. You allowed 2 dogs, so a 3rd is hardly a major breach.

        Once again JK0 is suggesting throwing around s21s without a hint of trying to resolve the situation. That sort of behaviour from landlords after every minor breach will ensure a change in the law in the future which makes eviction much harder. Yes you could serve a s21 (assuming all your deposit protection is in order) but is it really worth the hassle of reletting when you clearly don't object to dogs in the first place.

        If on the other hand these tenants have been generally problematic with other issues then a s21 is more justified.
        IANAL (I am not a lawyer). Anything I say here is just an opinion, so should not be relied upon! Always check your facts with a professional who really knows their onions.


          Had the same problem, no pets allowed. Then it was her Mums old dog that her Mother couldn't cope with, then Daughters goldfish, tropical frog finally hampster.

          Remove pets or go, pets gone overnight.

          Long suffering Landlord.


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            by Hudson01
            As said above, try to talk to him but it appears he has already started to pull up the drawbridge !!! Be prepared for no rent once you tell him you are selling and if this idiot govt extend the ban again then bank on a least a year to get the property back (without rent).
            19-04-2021, 05:58 AM
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            by Carpman
            Hiya. Can anyone give me any advice please? We have a rental property on a shorthold tenancy. Tenant has always been regular as clockwork with the rent - funded by a forces pension he receives. I would say that he is not a very stable personality either. We didn't get the rent in April. My husband...
            18-04-2021, 11:02 AM
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            by Hudson01
            Do this...... they sound awful and the exact type of people to take advantage of their elderly grandmother thus '' doing what they like '', its a common problem when young half-wits take advantage of an older relative. Difficult to deal with though, i doubt the Police will be interested, maybe the councils...
            19-04-2021, 05:53 AM
          • Tenant grandsons urinating in our shared back yard.
            by Thomas steve
            2 of my tenants grandson are urinating in our shared yard.
            she is a sitting tenant that has been there for 40+ years and apart from this she is a good tenant.

            I have brought this up with a tenant several times and been assured that she will put a stop to it. But it’s still...
            18-04-2021, 14:24 PM
          • Reply to Evacuation of Tenant
            by Hudson01
            Well as part of my landlords insurance i have alternative accommodation cover......... this will house the tenant should this exact thing happen, do you have such insurance ? Also why would the tenant have insurance for your property to be uninhabitable ? To be honest you are lucky they have served...
            19-04-2021, 05:49 AM
          • Evacuation of Tenant
            by berrahri
            There was a landslide and my Tenant had to be evacuated. They cannot return because access to the property is not safe.
            They had been reasonably okay Tenants, but as soon as this event occured they have treated me like the enemy! Everything I have advised appears to have been treated with suspicion...
            19-04-2021, 00:23 AM
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            by Chester Perry
            £900 deposit and the Letting Agent requested the whole deposit as the cleaning and redecorating to fix non wear & tear damage was estimated at approx £4000 and also they stole / took 2 x fridge freezers. Independent inventory on moving in and moving out backed all this yet the TDS awarded £700!...
            18-04-2021, 21:14 PM
          • DPS dispute resolution service
            by Thomasdiets123
            What's everyone's experiences with the DPS dispute service. Did you get what you claimed? Did you have good evidence to back it up?
            Thank you....
            12-04-2021, 16:37 PM
          • Reply to Rent arrears
            by Bixwier
            Have any evictions ever gone ahead since cv19?

            how long is the backlog now? Are bailiffs actually working?

            what happens if tenants say they have symptoms and are shielding?
            18-04-2021, 18:09 PM
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            So I have a tenant who has build up large rent arrears and I have gone through the process with the solicitor of S8 for rent arrears and I have a court date In April. The tenant left the house last Monday and informed me they had left.
            To me it seems unlikely I will ever get...
            21-02-2021, 07:43 AM