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    I have 2 properties in Manchester being 'managed' by an agent, I'm not in the country.

    I'm being made to wait for anything between 7 to 21 days for a response back on email to a query i've emailed to them.

    I'm very unhappy about this and wondered if anyone else had experienced it, and/or what they did about it.

    Also, wondered if anyone knew the costs/procedure for handing over these properties to another agent?

    hope to hear from you, kind regards

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    Hi Alex

    It might be an idea when youn send the email to ask for a "read receipt" so you can confirm when they got then emails.

    Have you tried to call them to ask why they are so incompetant??

    Re changing agents, look at your terms you signed with the agent, you may have to give them notice. You will need to give them the correct notice, find another (better agent), hard to do if you are out of the country, your new agent should facilitate the tsf for you.

    They will need to write to the new tenants to introduce themselves, get them to complete a standing order to pay you each month, ask the current agents for TA, Inventories, copies of gas safety certs etc etc and the keys once their management ends.

    new agency should not charge you anything to do these works (they will be please to pick up the business).

    good luck.


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      Thanks Poppy, it's very kind of you to take the time to reply.
      The Agent has since been in touch and apologised for taking so long to reply, I've also made enquiries with anothe Agent regarding them taking over the properties. Thanks for advice.
      kind regards


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