Tenants have left the country - I think

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    Tenants have left the country - I think

    I posted an S8 and S21 to my tenants 2 months ago. After hearing nothing for 14 days I instructed solicitors to proceed with taking reposession of the property and have them evicted, and have received a court date of 23rd July.

    It would appear that my tenants (who are now over 3 months behind on rent) are not currently in the country and (according to neighbours) had their stuff shipped to Zimbabwee 4 weeks ago (where they are originailly from). As a result, I am unable to contact them to confirm if they intend to return or not.

    After leaving messages on their UK mobile phones I entered the property to inpsect it. They have very few posessions in the house that belong to them and it is clear no one has been living there for some weeks (the very "off" milk in the fridge confirmed that). The place is not damagaed but very dirty and in desperate need of a clean. The garden is very overgrown.

    For a number of reasons I have decided to sell the property. Am I allowed to enter the property, clean it up, place it on the market and have estate agents show people round? Or do I have to wait until I gain reposession? I would send a letter informing the tenants of my plans to do this and also leave VM's on their mobiles (which they would not receive because they are in Zimbabwee but at least I would have done it).

    I would not change the locks, move anyone else in or sell the property until I receive the court order so if they were to return they would just be returning to a clean house. It seems stupid that there is no one in the house and I am loosing money every day.

    Also, is there any way I can chase the debt they owe me? Its about 4k and they are in Zimbabwee. With a CCJ against them, would this affect any attempts they would have to re-enter the country?

    Thank you for your help


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