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    Check in reports

    Re. the timings in the LA ombudsman advice below--I presume a LL doing the check in report themselves would also need to allow this 5 days? Im a bit confused that the tenant should be given up to 5 days from receipt to check/agree/sign the report but must sign and return it before occupation .

    Wouldnt this mean inviting the tenant when the property is empty or possibly being cleaned /made ready etc , to do the check, and then expecting the tenant to trust that nothing has changed between the photoshoot /inspection, and when they move in? On moving in day, they couldnt possibly be expected to redo a thorough check of absolutely everything again altthough obviously they'd pick up a glaring fault.

    Looking at it the other way round, I allow a checkout I dont think Id be comfortable doing inspection 5 days before the tenants gave in the keys even if they were supposedly not in the property never mind if they had cleaners/repairmen in. Im still learning, so have to question everything to do so, - sorry if its an obvious answer . Thanks

    the tenants must be provided promptly with the inventory and/or schedule
    of condition and advised of the need to formally raise in writing any notable discrepancies,
    deficiencies or differences identified, within a specified period of tim
    8h The tenant must be given sufficient time, up to 5 working days from receipt to read and
    comment upon and sign the check-in report and inventory, and given a copy. If the tenant
    fails to sign and return the inventory within the time frame and before they take occupation
    the tenant is deemed to have accepted the inventory as accurate. You must hold a copy
    on file. You must actively flag and specifically draw to the attention of the tenant that
    their failure to sign and return the inventory will result in the relevant documentation being
    accepted as accurate

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