Utilities Bills After Tenants Left

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    Utilities Bills After Tenants Left


    I think I've got myself in a bit of a pickle.

    My tenants moved out of one of my properties and into another of my properties. I took photographs of the meter readings - but they have disappeared off of my phone!! No further gas or electricity was used as the property was sold. There was a period of about 10 weeks in between the move out date and completion of the sale so I guess I would be obliged to pay the 'standing charges'. My mistake is I didn't contact the utility supplier (totally forgot).

    Anyway I now have a company called LCS Credit Management Debt Recovery Investigations demanding I pay X amount. I haven't had a bill and the figure is way in excess of the basic standing charge. I've asked for a copy of the bills before paying anything.

    Does anyone know if I can go direct to the original utility supplier to resolve this or do I have to deal with this company?

    Many thanks

    See http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/....php?t=2983648

    I would contact the supplier (British Gas?) both to pay and to make sure the account is closed.


      I think the supplier is EDF.

      I'm quite happy to pay what I owe - just the correct amount. I'll contact the supplier.


        Did T terminate utility Contract?
        Unless Utility accepts the Ts termination date, provided by LL,your inability to provide a final meter reading, then you may be liable for all usage since last reading
        They are still your Ts, albeit diff property, so ask them & negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome.



          There is no usage as everything was switched off. I've got the meter readings now and they tie up nicely with previous tenant and the new owners. Ringing the suppliers tomorrow to get the revised bill.



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            The amount of the debt would be a counterclaim, making the tenant's claim pointless.

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