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    Lodger not paying rent

    I just wondeed if anyone knows where I stand as a Landlord on this one. I live in the same house as my lodger and I gave him 2 months' notice followed by him giving me 1 months notice. He hasn't paid me rent for his final month despite me asking her for it. I think he believes the deposit is effectively the final month's rent, although I've told him the deposit is quite separate (and he owes me outstanding bills).

    Where do I stand with my rights if he doesn't pay this months rent and he is still living in my house? I feel very vulnerable (I forgot to say we've had an argument and are not on speaking terms-we just communicate by letter!).



    Your lodger has no tenancy rights and has outstayed his welcome - he is effectively a trespasser in your home.
    He's in a similar position to an hotel guest who has been asked to leave - the management would throw him out.
    This may be a bit drastic, especially if he's aggressive.
    You could try asking for police assitance, though they may not oblige as it's really a civil matter, but voilence is not.
    You could risk a lock-out, though you are obliged to take care of his possessions, though legally your on dicy ground here.
    Perhaps safer to obtain a court possession order as a last resort, and sue for your lost rent, court and bailiff costs etc when he has left.
    Of course you may then need to use a tracing agent to find him, but if he's earning money and you go about it right as small claims action should recover all your costs as well.


      Originally posted by Nellie View Post

      Where do I stand with my rights if he doesn't pay this months rent and he is still living in my house?
      You can change the locks if you want, as he's only a lodger.

      Originally posted by Nellie View Post
      we just communicate by letter
      In your own House


        Scary Lodger

        Thank you for your advice. There are a few things I'm unsure about though: you mentioned "dodgy ground" with regard to changing the locks and his possessions-why is legally dodgy ground? Is it in case he sues me for damaging them?

        Also how do I obtain a court possession order? Does it take a while? Maybe I should just wait and see if he goes at the end of his notice.

        Finally if I originally gave 2 months notice, does this mean he is eligable to pay 2 months rent even though he gave me 1 month? Of course my preference would be to get rid of him as soon as possible as he's quite creepy and is now deliberately making my life a misery.


          Nellie, would it not be easier just wait till his time is up?


            Dodgy Lodger

            Probably-I guess I'll just have to put up with him. The changing locks thing is worrying me-supposing he forces entry or does something to my car?


              Is it really that Bad!

              How long has he been in your house for? Have you got a work address, family address if he wrecks the place and does a runner?


                Dodgy lodger

                Yeah-I know all his details. Funnily enough I was warned he was a bit strange before he moved in-if only I'd listened!! It's taken me 2 years to work out just how strange he is! Thanks for the advice. Do you reckon I can still chase him for unpaid rent once he leaves?


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