Tenant wants to move out during Fixed Term - how to recognise / accept this?

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    Tenant wants to move out during Fixed Term - how to recognise / accept this?

    Hi all,

    My tenants have just started month 5 of a 6 month AST. One of them made me a ware a few days back (via a very short email) that due to personal circumstances they want to move out at the end of the month.

    I'm aware that I could technically 'force' them to pay until the end. However, my preferred option is to set a date (i.e. the day before the would normally pay the rent) and charge them a reasonable free (in effect a % of the monthly rent) to end the contract early. We both get to walk away cleanly then.

    My question is more about how to go about terminating the contract:

    - do they need to email / post mail me an official letter stating that they jointly want to end (surrender) the tenancy, and specify the preferred date

    - then, if I email my terms, is that good enough as 'accepting' that they want to move out?

    Or would this just amount to recognition of the situation? Do I need to get say a solicitor to draw up an official document outlining the agreed 'surrender' date and my terms and conditions? And then get everyone to sign?

    Also, whatever I do, I want it to be really clear that they are the ones asking to end early (i.e. its them not me).

    thanks in advance

    Do all Ts are 'jointly & severally liable ASTs or ind ASTs for exclusive room & shared facilities'? Your OP is unclear on relationship if 'Yes'; are they students or a co-habiting family unit?
    Do all Ts want to leave at same time?
    Advice will vary, depending on your replies.
    Do I take it you are an inexperienced LL? No offence.


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