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    I moved into a new house share just over a month ago. I signed a 12 month joint contract (with 2 months notice if the contract is to end) with two existing tennants, as I replaced their housemate who wanted to leave. I was told that if any of us leaves, it's the responsibility of that person to find a replacement and pay for the new contract incorporating the new person.

    I've found out very soon after moving in that one will be looking to move out as soon as she gets a new job which could be in the next few months, and the other will be looking to move out too. Not as soon as that, but before the 12 months are up. If that was the case, I'd rather find somewhere nicer?

    Hypothetically, if one tennant decides to move on, and bring someone else in to replace her, requiring me to sign a new contract for 12 months, can I refuse? If I decide to leave, too, would I also need to find a new tennant to replace me?

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